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Sunday, January 10, 2021

BOMs Away - Down the Rabbit Hole, and a little Temperature play


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Hi! It's been a bit of a crazy week, for sure! I really love the way our quilting avocation gives us something creative and useful to channel our attention and energy into, rather than letting crazy happenings drown us longer than a few hours.

This was a Down the Rabbit Hole weekend for BOM work. 

I admit that I **detest** the work of this applique technique, but I also totally adore this quilt and like the result so much better than the fusible approach. 

I finished making all the pieces for the 4 standing bunnies, and I was able to get two of them stitched down!

This pic from earlier in the day shows the colors correctly.

Nope, the one guy is not upside down.  ;D

I stood there a very long time, mulling over the placement of the bunnies that will be at the top of the bed. Which would bother me more: upside down bunnies, or bunnies who were not standing on the ground?

Upside down bunnies on my pillows would drive me NUTS, most definitely!

So what we have is a bottom border where the bunnies are standing on the ground, and a top border where the bunnies are on an easter egg wrap! No more problem!  <snicker>

I got the third bunny set up and glued down (I even pinned him onto his stabilizing paper),

but I'm too exhausted to set the fourth one on.

All those pins in the empty spot show me where to put the bunny. Once I'd stitched the first bunny down, I carefully folded and lined up both borders, then poked pins through at key points and junctures so I could get all four bunnies put down symmetrically.

OH - and also: Temperature Quilt 2021. 

I got sucked into this intriguing concept, and today I threw together the first 8 days of this year's weather. I've got 24 fabrics that are assigned certain temperature spreads, and these blocks show the low of the day in the background, and the high of the day in the spot. 

I'm going to enjoy watching Mother Nature come up with the overall effect of the quilt.  :)

I was mesmerized by all the gorgeous temperature quilts people have made.

I hope you are well and that this will be a good week for you!


Have you been able to do any BOM type work lately? We'd love to see it.  :)

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  1. Your bunnies are adorable! And I love the start to your temperature quilt. Now you’ve got me thinking....


  2. Upside down bunnies would bother me too. I enjoy all the temperature quilts I see but I know I'd never keep it up. Some people make a circle for the high temp of the day, some have the background as the low temp and the circle for the high. However you do the blocks, have fun and happy stitching!

  3. Oh, I'm right there with you on the work of turned edge appliqué! I hate all the prep work. Once the edges are turned and everything is glue basted in place, I do enjoy the hand stitching when I'm in the right frame of mind, but I wish I had an "Appliqué Preparation Assistant!" I think your bunnies look fabulous!

  4. I love the way you are doing your temperature quilt! That's a great idea! Your bunnies are very cute! And your snow looks beautiful! We were supposed to have had a wintry mix this morning but, as usual, that didn't happen! Just a cold rain!

  5. Yay. I love temperature quilts. You did not pick an easy one with circles. The colors are gorgeous!
    I would have done the same with keeping my bunnies upright. The direction of borders can be tricky decisions at times.

  6. Yay for you to begin making a 2021 temperature quilt! Interestingly, I have been invited to participate in a three-person panel on a Modern Quilt Guild Webinar on the topic "Temperature Quilts." It's Tuesday, January 26. We're going to talk about and show pictures of the process for making a temperature quilt. The MQG will then have a special exhibit of Temp Quilts at 2022 QuiltCon in Phoenix, Arizona. I'm tickled about being part of the webinar discussion, as I had so much fun making mine in 2019. I hope your making goes well!


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