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Monday, August 2, 2021

August! ~

My One Monthly Goal for August is to finish the puff stitches for the silk binding on this very cool autumn lap quilt, and do a label for it. 

It's been sitting at this point for several months, so let's get it wrapped up and into use for September!  :)

The Rest of the Story:

The August UFO drawn by APQ is #10. 

My piecing #10 is my Sue Garman "And to All a Good Night" project.  

Great timing! I'm close to being finished with the top applique panel. 

I've pulled fabrics from my stash for the scrappy piecing of the main field in the quilt. I'm king-sizing the pattern to fit our bed. Hopefully it'll emerge the way my mind's eye sees it. Our room is blue and we put up a snow-flocked tree with blue accents in the bow window, so I wanted to incorporate blues and grays with a Christmas feel, but keep the green and red stars.

My longarming #10 is my Allietare from the Bonnie Hunter mystery of winter 2015-16. I finished the flimsy in a timely manner, but it's sat forever in my longarming closet. 

I do have to finish a lot of remaining work on this GINORMOUS king-sized Dinner Plate Dahlia (also for our bed) before I load Allietare. . . which gives me time to scare up a backing for that cheddar and turquoise beauty!

And that is more than enough work for one month! Let's see how much I accomplish.  :)

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Sunday, August 1, 2021

BOMs Away - Neptune's Gift and More Birds


Welcome to the Link-up for BOMs Away Mondays!

Where we share what we're doing on a BOM type project
so they don't stall out in UFO-land!
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The next packet arrived yesterday for Neptune's Gift, so I went to work on that:

Almost finished the Month 6 sewing.  I need to join the two halves, and it's all done.


 > Boom! < 

16 arc portions became 8 larger arc units:

(More compass points to come in future months. . . )

Month 6 all finished. I'm really enjoying this BOM approach - it's very fun to add to the whole each time, versus making different blocks month to month.

I also stitched down another 4 colors of bird bodies:

I have right around 1/2 of them stitched now.


Have you worked on any BOM type projects recently? We'd love to see your progress!

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Saturday, July 31, 2021

A Good Amount of Work on one UFO


This is one of those once-in-a-great-while posts about my non-BOM work.  :)

I was excited yesterday to assess how much work I accomplished through July on a UFO kit that I'd listed for attention this year.

July's draw from my piecing UFOs list was my "Fanciful Flight" kit - a Jacqueline De Jong quilt. If you're familiar with her works, you know they are bright and gorgeous, and very demanding (though every bit worth the effort)!

My kit was untouched beyond having the fabrics prewashed and ironed. I hoped to make the 36 rainbow flying geese arcs before I ran out of month.

I did get all those arcs all finished - not a short task at all, since they have very different color arrangements among them:

But even more happened!

All the remaining paper pieced components are finished! 

8 pieces each for the 9 small black stars; 8 each for the 4 large white stars; 36 melon pieces. You can judge their sizes next to the pattern there - which is printed on standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper.

I also cut out all the filler pieces, border strips, cornerstones, and binding strips.

And now it's all safely boxed together until its next turn for attention. I hope to hit it again before 2021 is finished, but I have the monthly UFO projects that will arise, and my belabored Down the Rabbit Hole (drawn early this year and still not a flimsy) gets first dibs at any monthly left-over times that may arise. So if I can't assemble this by New Year's, it'll go onto my 2022 UFO list. A whole month of 3-4 hours every week day is as much attention as my spirits can handle on a given project before the MOJO starts slipping away. 

So, I rotate to another, which for August will be my "And to All a Good Night" (Sue Garman) project. Another one with tons of work awaiting. Like July, this one only has a pile of prewashed fabrics awaiting the rotary cutter. I want to get all the blocks made for the king-size alteration I've made of the pattern, and finish the hand applique of the top pictorial panel.

This is for our bed, in a blue room that gets a snow-flecked Christmas tree with blue accents. So I'll be incorporating blue and gray Christmas fabrics instead of focusing on the greens and tans. Hopefully it'll come out the way my mind's eye sees it!

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