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Colorado, United States
Other than my family, the passion of my life is quilting. An eclectic, I love a wide variety of styles and techniques encompassing both machine and hand work. I am a longarm quilter who can work for you. I enjoy any style, from pantographs to all-over to full custom, ranging from traditional to modern. I love bringing vintage tops to life and am willing to work with a challenging quilt top. Instagram: lyncc_quilts

Modus Operandi

I am a complex person who thrives creatively, and produces most effectively, when I can shift among several quilt projects at a time.   Mon - Fri, I focus on the month's priority projects at the domestic and longarm machines. Weekends are for Block of the Month projects unless we're out and about, rotated through a group of four BOMs. TV time always sees a hand applique project going on, as I can't stand to sit still and do nothing the whole time.


Longarm - Modernology > Scott's two minis > Listen w/ Your Eyes
Domestic - Tuscany Terrace (stitch-off project is Feathered Goose)
Handwork - Affairs of the Heart 12-15 > To All a Good Night final embroidery

Current Rotation of Active BOMs: 

  • Sage & Sea Glass
  • Alaska Rainbow
  • The Road Home
  • Cadence Court

BOMs abducted by UFOs

Beary Colorful Blue, Red finished
Surfer's Point Initially started Sep-Nov 2019, placed on hold; Sep 2021 reactivated  
Down the Rabbit Hole Started Jan 2017. on hold a while. Active again late 2020. Pulled to priority UFO piecing Mar 2021.

Long Term Hand Applique:

 Fiesta Mexico, on 8 now: 
Octopus Garden, on 8 now:

Affairs of the Heart, on 13 now:

NETY storage:
 Queen's Garden
 Winter Birds 
 Seaside Town
 Block Party 2009
 A Tisket, A Tasket
 McKenna Ryan Snowmen

Link-Ups I like to use:

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WIP Link-Up at Brook's
Free Motion Mavericks at Muv's
Sew, Stitch, Snap, SHARE at Julie's
"New to Me" at Celtic Thistle (opens each 25th for the rest of the month)
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Whoop! Whoop! at Sarah's 
TGIFF Thank Goodness It's Finished Fridays (rotates)
One Monthly Goal (OMG) at Elm Street Quilts (post 1st and end-of-month)
UFO Busting Party at Tish's
Finish-A-Long at Marci's (post first and end of quarter)


  1. I found your wheelchair quilts on pinterest and my sewing group is interested in making some. Do you have the dimensions or a pattern? My mom herself is 88 and in a wheelchair in a home with dementia. The corners cut would be amazing! I understand how cold they are all the time and the others di get caught! Thank you for the idea and what your group does!

  2. Lynette, do you have a pattern for those wheelchair quilts or a link to one? Could be a great group charity quilting project!

  3. How do you sign up for emails? I did not see anything to subscribe. Thankyou


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