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Other than my family, the passion of my life is quilting. An eclectic, I love a wide variety of styles and techniques encompassing both machine and hand work. I am a longarm quilter who can work for you. I enjoy any style, from pantographs to all-over to full custom, ranging from traditional to modern. I love bringing vintage tops to life and am willing to work with a challenging quilt top. Instagram: lyncc_quilts

Modus Operandi

I am a complex person who thrives creatively, and produces most effectively, when I can shift among several quilt projects at a time.   My tastes are widely eclectic, but tend toward intricate and time-heavy works that swamp you in boredom if you try to work on only one at a time until a finish.

This page is my personal organization page. It provides a map that lets me work on current interests, heavily interspersed with UFOs, and also pull in the old NETY sets that I have in storage on a regular basis. With this system, I am not bogged down with boredom, nor frozen by my overwhelming goal (to finish all those kits I collected over the decades my children were growing, but also enjoy current interests). For me, it produces far more finishes than any other approach I've tried.

Some people would be frozen by these lists. I do not use them as TO-DO lists that I have to check off in a given period of time, so there's no stress to me. They are simply organizers, from which I draw a UFO list each month to check off from, and look for guidance to each time I am ready to pull a "new" project into the BOM lineup or the Priority Finish field. One day, the UFOs and NETYs will be exhausted, and my complex lists will shrink away.

My quilting work is generally organized into priority work Mon-Fri. The longarm takes precedence with domestic machine options for when I wake too early to use the longarm (it wakes people where it is). After dinner, Scott and I like to relax with a TV show together, and that is hand stitching time for me. On the weekends, if we're not doing something else, I step away from the priority list and do BOM work or whatever-the-heck-I-want.

[For those of you who like to find out how other people tick.]

OMG - It's a Silky Wool Flannel Kind of Day
Longarm - Scott & Lynette's Dahlia > Collette's quilt > Harmony
Domestic - H&P Bird Bodies > Wings > And to All a Good Night
Handwork - Puffed Silk Binding > And to All a Good Night 

2021 Work:

UFO Firing Range

(Using the American Patchwork & Quilting UFO Challenge site at Facebook)

These are the ones I most want finished this year:

Get quilted to free the frame:   0. Sew Spooky  partially quilted FINISHED Feb 2021.
  1. Marissa's UCCS Graduation  flimsy  [May #] FINISHED May 2021.
  2. King'd Dinner Plate Dahlia  flimsy  [February #] Currently in Progress.
  3. Rainbow Jane  flimsy
  4. Set Sail  flimsy  [April #]
  5. Plums in November  partially quilted  [June #]
  6. Thistlepods  flimsy
  7. Modernology  flimsy  [January #]
  8. Listen with Your Eyes  needs outermost border
  9. From the Heart  flimsy
  10. Allietare  flimsy
  11. Silky Wool Flannel Kind of Day  flimsy  [March #] Quilted April
  12. Martha's Christmas Whirl  flimsy  [July #]
Additional, if there's time at the longarm around the above quilts:
  • Sew Spooky  flimsy FINISHED Feb 2021.
  • Moose Lake  flimsy FINISHED Mar 2021.
  • Morning Stroll  flimsy FINISHED Mar 2021.
  • Garden of Dreams  flimsy
  • Journey's End  flimsy FINISHED June 2021.
  • Once Upon a Star  flimsy
  • Sonya & Mae's Hearts  flimsy
  • Garden Friends  flimsy
  • Anna's Choice  flimsy
  • Coral Encounter  flimsy
  • Quiet Rebellion on the Pond  flimsy
  • Salt Box Harvest  flimsy
  • Whooo's Your Mama  needs owl embroideries

I would like to get all of these to the Flimsy stage:
  1. Garden of Dreams  piecing started  FLIMSY! Jan 2021
  2. Down the Rabbit Hole  needs last two rounds
  3. Whooo's Your Momma  needs owl embroideries
  4. Quilt-for-a-Cause: Heritage  blocks started  FLIMSY! Apr 2021
  5. Stepping Stones  blocks need black edging  FLIMSY! June 2021
  6. Amaya  kitted
  7. Let's Build a Snowman  needs blanket stitching  FLIMSY! Jan 2021
  8. Climbing Lanterns  needs 3D work
  9. Chubby Chicks  chick bodies are fused, now also sewn  FLIMSY! July 2021
  10. All Through the Night fabrics gathered
  11. Spanish Tiles  fabrics gathered
  12. Fanciful Flight  fabrics washed
  13. Water Reflections  one of my BOMs  FLIMSY! Jan 2021
  14. Winter Woodland  kitted  FLIMSY! Jan 2021
  15. Forever My Valentine  needs 5 blocks finished  FLIMSY! Feb 2021
  16. Parasol  the blades are partially sewn  FLIMSY! Mar 2021
  17. Wind & Waves it is kitted  FLIMSY! Apr 2021

~*~*~ Requests
  • Night Watch  FINISHED  Feb 27, 2018.
  • Raven's Throne  base made - Mar 21, 2018; Flimsy, Apr 2019; FINISHED  Apr 2019.
  • Moose Lake  Flimsy - Jan 2020; FINISHED  Mar 2021.
  • Morning Stroll  Flimsy - Mar 2020; FINISHED  Mar 2021.
  • Caribou Crossing  stage - date
  • Borealis Ridge  stage - date
  • Heather & Pat's Wedding Temperature Birds  tracing/cutting 1460 birds and wings pieces! Feb 2021
  • Oliver's Baby Calendar Quilt  stage - date

(NETYs Incorporated)
  • Minky Blankie for Oliver   FINISHED Apr 2021.

BOM Time

Temperature Quilt 2021 Active - started Feb 2021
Sage & Sea Glass Active - started Mar 2021
Neptune's Gift Live, mailed monthly - started Mar 2021
Surfer's Point Initially started Sep-Nov 2019, placed on hold; Sep 2021 reactivated  

Down the Rabbit Hole Started Jan 2017. on hold a while. Active again late 2020. Pulled to priority UFO piecing Mar 2021.
The Road Home Purchased June 2021.
Alaska Rainbow Purchased July 2021.
A Tisket, A Tasket pattern waiting

Flimsy Now! :
Wind in the Whiskers Flimsy stage Oct 2020
Water Reflections Flimsy stage Jan 2021
Forever My Valentine Flimsy stage Feb 2021
Harmony - started Jan 2021; FLIMSY Aug 21, 2021.

Long Term Quilt as You Go:
Beary Colorful Blue, Red finished

Long Term Hand Applique:

 Fiesta Mexico, on 8 now: 

Octopus Garden, on 8 now:

Affairs of the Heart, on 9 now:

Started May 2012, on hold June 2014 because all the finished blocks are lost! 
I suspect they are a victim of familial dysfunction.  :(   These have been returned to me!!  Jan 2021

Not Started:
 Neptune's Gift
 Queen's Garden
 Winter Birds 
 Seaside Town
 Block Party 2009
 A Tisket, A Tasket
 McKenna Snowmen


Link to "DENIZENS of the CREEPY ROOM" - Here there be dragons! Enter only if you dare. Don't blame me if you get stressed out.   :D

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  1. I found your wheelchair quilts on pinterest and my sewing group is interested in making some. Do you have the dimensions or a pattern? My mom herself is 88 and in a wheelchair in a home with dementia. The corners cut would be amazing! I understand how cold they are all the time and the others di get caught! Thank you for the idea and what your group does!

  2. Lynette, do you have a pattern for those wheelchair quilts or a link to one? Could be a great group charity quilting project!


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