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Other than my family, the passion of my life is quilting. An eclectic, I love a wide variety of styles and techniques encompassing both machine and hand work. I am a longarm quilter who can work for you. I enjoy any style, from pantographs to all-over to full custom, ranging from traditional to modern. I love bringing vintage tops to life and am willing to work with a challenging quilt top. Instagram: lyncc_quilts

Flimsies Awaiting

Hi! As I madly work my way through the insane backlog of UFOs and NETYs that I amassed over the decades, my collection of Flimsies grows ever larger. Don't worry, they'll all get quilted eventually. For now (and into the foreseeable future), I do not have a nice, fast longarm, so my domestic table-top machine and I pump them out slowly, but surely.


The term "Flimsy" is an affectionately-held word that is used in much of the quilting world to connote a proudly finished quilt top. It is in no way an inferior item, but is an item of achievement that is still in a vulnerable, incomplete, not-yet-usable state, waiting to be quilted for its full glory. It is a stage of celebration, especially for large and intricate works.


BBQ with the Squadron



Coral Encounter

Daisy, Daisy

Devon's Quilt (in progress)

Firehouse 1

Frog Lilies for Marissa

Garden Friends

Glacier Star


Holiday Tidings

Holly Jolly Snowman

How Do You Take Your Tea?

It's a Hoot - Momo

It's a Silky Wool Flannel Kind of Autumn Day

Leaded Glass

Martha's Holiday Spin

Once Upon a Star

Plums in November

Poor Forgotten Orphan from 1993

Quiet Rebellion on the Pond

Rainbow Jane

Ruffled Roses (on the longarm now)

Salt Box Harvest

Set Sail

Sew Spooky (in progress)

Star Crazy 

Starry-Eyed Over Grand Illusion

Tulip Garden in flannel

String of Pearls

Whooo's Your Mama?

You Must Be Croaking


  1. Oh My - I think I know what flimsies are now - quilt tops - right! You have so many beautiful flimsies - it was nice to see them all.

    perry94022 at hotmail dot com

    1. Thanks so much, Pauline. Yep! "Flimsies" are unquilted tops. I get so eager for all of these to be done up!

  2. I very much enjoyed looking over your flimsies! There are gorgeous ones and fun ones but I love every single one! I noticed that you have quilted your animal one, and I adore what you did with your Grand Illusion. You sashed it like mine but I am loving your border so much better. I just had those units made and decided to use them. You may have done the same.

  3. Holy cow, that is a lot of flimsies! Thanks for the show and tell.

  4. Wow, you DO have a lot of unquilted tops!! And each one is more spectacular than the next!


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