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Monday, September 30, 2013

Wrap Up Report for September

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I'm telling you - these monthly lists are really working for me. For the most part the variety keeps me from croaking of over-exposure to any given monster project; the over-loading of items provides stimulation without overwhelming me since I know I purposefully list more than can happen; and the prioritizing keeps me from stepping away from the most important jobs for too long.

Thanks to the folks who host the parties that make this work!
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UFOs - 
I did manage to quilt half of the wide bottom border of "Kelly's 1930s"!

Also, I not only attached the border of that Tangram quilt (renamed "Piñata Pizzazz"), but I figured out its quilting and got it all marked up, ready to go. And just now, everybody helped me pin-baste it.  :)  Well, as much as we could with "only" 1000 pins. . .   I'll have to fill many spaces in better once I've gone around the edge and then done the stabilizing lines and can harvest those pins!   [[Stocking Stuffers, Santa  ;D ]]

I did not do anything on "Quiet Rebellion", as I slung "Piñata Pizzazz" up to the top of the priority list for fast finishing so I can donate it for the Colorado flood relief.
WIPs/NewFOs -
I got as far as I wanted and a weee bit more on "25th, Baby!", and I finished "Flight Commander" so Scott could pin it up at work.



I made the berry set and got them partially sewn onto one plume section of "Whooo's Your Mama?" --- And then decided I really didn't like the way it looks. So I'll use hot-fix thingies instead, I think.

My fiddling for a quilting motif on my Dear Jane triangles is not yet successful. Really undecided about that, and I'm unsure how I want to approach the marking.

Oh! And it was not on the list, but I made a handful of birthday bash circles:

BOMs -
Full success in staying on schedule there. Kelly's double BOM set is so close to having all the components made!

I didn't just pin-baste that wheelchair quilt; I finished it altogether. 'Bout time!!

So, that's how I did in September. Not bad at all. Some great forward motion on a nice variety, with 2 finishes.


  1. Great month and love your description of why list making works and more is better than less!

  2. Whew! I'm officially tired just reading about what all you did!!

  3. Not bad at all. I am proud of you. I see you got some help with pin basting. I love your anniversary block!

  4. These lists always make me feel so inadequate! Probably why I dont do them, would have to be too honest with myself. :) Nice work!

  5. I'd say it's fabulous! Love that pizazz quilt. Someone will treasure it.

  6. Oh my! "Not bad" is definitely an understatement! You are one whiz-kid quilter. Pretty sure you're spending most of your days at home (yes?) so you can do these things. (Oh do say "yes," so I feel better about my lack of productivity!)

  7. September was definitely a productive month for you! Congrats on the finish and on all of your progress on the others. (Rainbow Jane *swoon*!) :)

  8. I really love Pinãta Pizzazz -- I would have a great deal of trouble parting with it if it were mine, but the good cause is so worth it!


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