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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Finish Report! ~~ "Flight Commander"

I think my hubby was sorta excited to be able to take this to work!

Can't blame him - poor guy got moved into the most dismal hole-in-the-wall office. No windows, yucky lights, copier stuffed in there with them - at least he has to share it with a cool NCO, but that's two of them having to use a dreary cave.  Hope she'll like this, too. :)

I did have fun with it. It's not sleeved so Scott can put it up whichever way he likes best. (It's small enough to stick in with two silk pins.) Literally just grabbed green scraps and sewed them together helter-skelter, then added some steampunk propellers on top. I was envisioning a morphed two-way scene - propellers seen from the front, terrain seen from above, so there was the suggestion of 5 older planes flying over fields and woods.

My family saw two different "scenes," both strictly from above. Marissa sees parachutes floating down in formation, and Scott sees a USO-style fair out in the fields with patriotic tents. It rather tickles my fancy that this little throw-together so successfully provides interest.

I quilted each field area differently, for different crops/terrain. That part up there with a daisy print is supposed to be a hill rising away from a field, but I need to gain map-lining skills, I see (or whatever you want to call those elevation marks)!  And do you know how hard it is to purposefully make wonky pebble quilting for tree-tops?

I didn't do anything fancy for the back - just grabbed a piece of white polyester broadcloth lurking in the corner of my storage room.

I also just grabbed an old scrap of polyester batting. And man, does it do a terrific job of making the propellers pop against the denser quilting. No trapunto in there, just batting effect. I ran three "scribble" fmq lines around each propeller in gray thread taking up maybe 1/8 inch. Really helped pop them out.


This shot just in via email - This is the orientation that floats his boat.  ;D

"Flight Commander" is about 24 x 25", and while I sometimes wish I'd tweaked the "ground" piecing a little better, I'm really happy with how this turned out. And REALLY happy that Scott and his NCO can have a little perkiness in their office!  


TGIFF is at Missy Mac's this week


  1. This is so clever... I love the effect and it is interesting to read about the interpretations. A real art piece!

  2. Fabulous quilt! So creative and amazingly thought out for hubby! I love the whole concept of this quilt from the propellers to the crop fields. And the quilting is wonderful too!

  3. Most excellent perkiness!!! They will love it.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  4. That's so clever! Your fields are quilted to perfection, and those propellers create a fun focus - and plenty of discussion, it seems :-) what a lucky hubby to have such a work of art to brighten up his work space!

  5. Very striking. Love the quilting.

  6. What a super piece! Love the concept of how you threw it together, and the green "fields" are simply inspired. It's really a cool little quilt, especially with the variety of quilting designs you use to make it very eye-catching. Ha... in their little office space, the piece will probably just be distracting! In a nice way, of course! I think you should enter it in shows. It's a winner!

  7. What a great little quilt.
    Very creative. I love how differernt people can interpret the design differently.
    Great quilting.

  8. I have been looking forward to this finish! The quilting makes a great finish & the poly did really give it a trapunto pop!

  9. Oh, my gosh, what a fun quilt. I love how you made the little circles, the various interpretations of what people are seeing, and the colors. Very fun!

  10. Hello Lyn,

    What a great way to cheer up a dreary office - hot air balloons seen from above.


  11. I agree with everyone....what beautiful quilting!!

  12. I do like the way you have quilted this... its great.

  13. Very creative and love all the different quilting designs. Is it by sewing maching or long arm?


  14. I'm not sure what part of Colorado you are in (we are in east Centennial) and hope that the floods missed your home!


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