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Monday, September 2, 2013

September Goal Post

My ButtonIt's a new month, fall's definitely in the air here - it gets downright chilly in the evenings, and Koko pokes his cute little nose into the air each time the outdoors wafts into the room through the window with a smell that says it almost really wants to snow tonight if it were just a wee bit colder. . .  

[Another over-loaded list - meant as a directional aid, not a "Do All This" directive]
UFOs - 

  • Quiet Rebellion on the Pond - Put in circle guidelines and pin baste.
  • Kelly's 1930s - Try to get half way across the straight-line hand quilting on the bottom border.
  • Tangram QuiltPut the border on. Not sure how huge that thing is when unfolded the rest of the way. . . 

Wow! I can't believe this phone camera captured
all the blues/teals/purples perfectly

WIPs/NewFOs -   

  • 25th, Baby!Keep making footballs and build the Double Wedding Ring assembly, hoping for 32 ring completions by month's end. Too ambitious? We'll see!  I love the fun of this - you start with a melon, 

add an arc for a flying saucer, 

add another for a football, 

and eventually get a full ring:

These colors are remarkable accurate  :)
I'm trusting the instructions aren't just making more work
by stressing to leave the extenders unseamed until after
circles are joined. I'll let you know when I get that far. 

  • Rainbow Jane - Figure out how I want to quilt the triangles and make a marking stencil. (It's in line for quilting after Quiet Rebellion.)
  • ✓  Flight Commander - pin baste this little baby and try out terrain fmq.  All finished!
  • Whoooo's Your Mama? - Attach one set of berries.
  • NewFO - Pull out that Japanese fan tree thing and get it cut/kitted for later attention. [Got a good bit sewn up, too!]

BOMs -  
  • Stay on schedule with Hello Moon and Kelly's.
  • ✓  Selvages - Start the assembly process.
  • Ruffled Roses - Try to get the third border stitched.

Community Sewing -  Pin-baste the gentleman's wheelchair quilt** carried forward from August, so get a move on it! 


  • FMQ station - ✓  Flight Commander, followed by Quiet Rebellion
  • Piecing station - 25th, Baby! and the Tangram border
  • Hand station - ✓  Kelly's 1930s and Ruffled Roses


  1. Wow. I'm glad you warned that this wasn't a get-it-all-done list. I'd be seriously worried about your sanity! =) The quilts shown in photos are gorgeous.

  2. It's almost ready to snow? I need to head your way. We are just waiting for the day when our temps drop below triple digits here in Arizona :)
    Your UFO list is impressive.

  3. Holy to-do list, batman! I'm so glad that you don't have to get it all done... that is SO much work. I don't have a doubt in my mind that you can accomplish a good majority of this, though!

  4. That's quite a lot of "directives"! Good luck with it!

  5. Wowza... I just love looking at your projects because they are all so ambitious. Just one of yours would be a "lifetime" project for me.

  6. i like your background fabric. making choices for those labor intensive projects are hard for me because I usually risk falling out of love with them before finishing them. Good luck

  7. your first block is just gorgeous. Love the fabrics.

  8. Good luck with your goals! I love the Double wedding ring - I want to make one some day :)


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