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Friday, September 27, 2013

A Finish and a Visitor (or two!!)

I'm almost finished with the marking I want on the flood relief quilt, and while I wait for the black batting to be delivered, I quilted up the latest wheelchair quilt that was already on my list for this month's community sewing.

It's a great gentleman's wheelchair quilt. I love its mannish colors and tried to stick with quilting that didn't get frilly on them. I also left some larger open areas than I usually do (letting the prints provide all the interest for those triangles).

That's because this sucker is made with double knit poly - that's right! It was a pre-sorted "kit" I'd taken home from a guild meeting. That fabric will be terrific, I'm certain for stain control and withstanding brutal washings at a nursing home, but boy, is it bulky and stiff for quilting on. The back is more of the tan poly double knit. I used poly batting as well, to help provide loft under that stuff. I am glad this fabric is out of fashion.  ;D

And we have a great week for visitors!!  We just picked up Sophie last night at the Denver airport. She's our new temporary daughter from Germany, and we look forward to spending the next few weeks with her. She and Marissa went off to school happily enough this morning, looking forward to buying Homecoming football and dance tickets at lunch for this weekend. We'll let her acclimate a little while to the altitude and then hopefully be able to catch a day when the road up to Pike's Peak is passable to take her up there. I hear there's a fun haunted house set up at the Mining Museum, too, so we'll have to go check that out, too.  (No pics of her online until I know for sure from her mother that this is OK.)

But our other visitor can be posted: 

Isn't he magnificent? He came with 3 protégées, each of those with 2 points - and they enjoyed a meal of the wild berries on our bushes before settling down for afternoon rests. How wonderful! I was really surprised that he stayed there for me to take his picture from the deck, at most 30 feet away from him.


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  1. Oh my goodness! He is GORGEOUS!!! And so calm, just sitting there - amazing!!!

    I'm with you - SO glad poly is out of style!

  2. Very handsome quilt and the buck is cute too :)
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  3. oh wow, look at him :) Enjoy your visits

  4. Looks like he talking with your angel. What a gorgeous creature.

  5. Oh my... we have plenty of deer visitors but never a buck! Wow. Poly makes me think of leisure suits which is never a good thing...

  6. What a gorgeous buck...so lucky to get that photo!

  7. Wow, what a beautiful buck! Well done with the quilt, Lynette! That will make someone very happy!

  8. That is a "mannish" quilt if I ever saw one! Good job on the non-frilly quilting! LOL Lord have mercy, if my neighbors saw a buck like that in my backyard I would have to take cover! He's magnificent!

  9. What a great project, my guild has talked about making these for wounded soldiers. That's great to hear about your foreign exchange student ... wishing you all the best!

    Thank you for linking up with TGIFF!

    Have a great weekend! :) Megan @ Cherry Valley Designs

  10. I love the wheelchair quilt! I haven't seen them before with the corners cut like that. Makes sense! And your visitors are marvelous. Enjoy your visiting student and I'm in awe of that magnificent buck! Happy stitching!
    Dropping by through Richard & Tanya's Link a Finish Friday.

  11. I'm sure you'll enjoy your new temporary daughter, that sounds like fun. Your other visitor is magnificent, I would feel honored if he decided to pull up a chair and hang out for awhile.

  12. Is that a specific pattern for the wheelchair quilt. Would love to have it. Thanks. Don't forget to send your address. Holly is anxious to go to her new home and see all the wild life!!!

  13. Wow! Now that's a visitor were never going to see in Australian gardens!

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  15. That is a beautiful wheelchair quilt! I would like to make one for my father who is a double amputee. Could you tell me where you found your pattern?


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