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Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Goal Post

My ButtonAugust brings schoolwork back into my work load, and a couple of moving trips for getting the older two moved back in at their colleges. So here's a list of targets more than "goals" per se, as I have no expectation of finishing many things on this list. 

UFOs - 

  •   Devon's Silk Earth Monkeys - figure out what to quilt on the outside and get this one finished!!  Try out the faux-piping "magic" binding on it.
  •   Kelly's 1930s - Stabilize the free end and work on the hand quilting, hopefully finishing one of the corner wreaths.
  • Medieval Illumination - Pull it out of deep storage, fix the center, piece one more stained glass panel.

WIPs/NewFOs -   
  •   Whoooo's Your Mama? - start working on the berries.
  • BIRTHDAY TREAT - Go hop the local quilt shops after surfing Pinterest inspirations and buy a brand new modern quilt project to do.  :)  Wash the fabrics, cut it out.

BOMs -  
  •   Stay on schedule with Hello Moon and Kelly's.
  •   Dear Jane - get the center assembled in two halves, triangle borders assembled separately.
  •   Ruffled Roses - get another border stitched.

Community Sewing -  Pin-baste the gentleman's wheelchair quilt


  • FMQ station - Devon's Silk Monkies (after Heather finishes the walking-foot work on her Dragons)
  • Piecing station - Dear Jane and Medieval Illumination 
  • Hand station - Kelly's 1930s


  1. Wow.....long list of to dos. I just will make my simple and finish at least 3 blocks for the month of August....giggle.

  2. Whoa....your plate is over-flowing. Don't stress, take any progress as a plus!

  3. My 2 oldest go back to school in August too. Looking forward to a decrease in the grocery bill, but I'll miss them a little.

  4. I am very interested in that magic binding you mentioned. Lots going on. I hope you have a great birthday and can't wait to see what you decide to do from your purchases at the hop.

  5. Aggressive goals, no doubt! It will be interesting to hear and see more about faux magic binding. Sounds fascinating.

  6. Wow! your list is extensive for one month! I hope you get it all done! My list definitely is small in comparison. But then again you need to have goals to stretch yourself don't you?


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