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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July End-of-Month Report

July Report

This was a great quilting month. I actually accomplished each of my goals. :)   I'll have to trim my expectations back for August as it will be a more chaotic month. 

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✓   Wild Rose Cottage - Make its label, attach a hanging sleeve, and re-mark a cloth quilt bag to deliver it by the 6th for the Denver Capitol Quilt Show!  - - -  I had the best time volunteering at the prep day. Got to see some wonderful quilts as we processed them to be photographed and stacked for installation. Can't WAIT to go up and see the show!!  I really loved this lady's disclaimer on her hanging sleeve:  


✓   Devon's Earth Monkey Spinners - Get Devon's first-quilt top sandwiched and at least enough quilting finished to stabilize it. - - -  I actually got the entire center quilted!

✓-   Start working on Kelly's 1930's - make stencils for the two remaining corner wreaths off the ones she had already done, learn how to use the spoon tool - - -   I laid wax paper over the quilted sections that I needed stencils for and oh-so-carefully traced her motifs with a sharpie. Got the rest of the quilt marked, but haven't started using that tool yet.

✓   Put the borders on Heather's Mermaid Fantasy - - - ready for the next stage!  Hmmm - might be a good one to learn trapunto on - great camouflage potential for mistakes. . . 


✓   Run, Kitty, Run! - bind it, make the label, photo-op, and send it - - - on its way to Florida!

✓   Whoooo's Your Mama? - finish the center and attach the borders

✓   Set Sail - Wash, cut out, prep the center medallion, and sew the HSTs - - - As you can see, I got further than that!


✓  Get back on schedule with the standard 4 that I use for BOMs Away hosting posts. - - - Great catch-up work. :D  One applique border attached for Ruffled Roses, and every Hello, Moon block embroidered. All up to date!

✓  Dear Jane - finish the blocks for sure!!  yeah!! - - - accomplished!! and a decent start of the assembly.


  1. I am so thrilled that you finished your Dear Jane blocks! I can't wait to see them assembled, that seems like such a mammoth amazing undertaking. ARe you going to quilt it yourself?

  2. Wow! You've been busy! Congrats on all of the great progress. I can't wait to see your Jane grow!

  3. Standing Ovation from MN... great job! I can't fathom Dear Jane as I've never attempted anything like it but you must feel like Super Woman.

  4. Oh! WOW! you did have a great month. well done!

  5. Wow, you got a lot done in one month! I aspire to do half as much next month. Your mermaid quilt is absolutely stunning!

  6. Oh my I am soooo impressed! Can't wait to see that Dear Jane! And your quilting is beautiful!

  7. Extremely impressive...and it's summer...who gets that much accomplished in the summer? Your Dear Jane is just incredible...it almost makes me want to tackle one.

  8. Wow, you got a lot done and you finished the Dear Jane blocks, incredible and congratulations! I can't wait to see it going together.

  9. Giving a big woo-hoo for all you wanted to accomplish, and did! That Dear Jane has to been your biggest achievement for the month. Great work on everything.

  10. So many lovely projects -- all different, all fabulous!


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