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Monday, July 1, 2013

June Report and July Goal Post

Wow - I'm actually really super happy with how much I accomplished this month, despite losing two weeks of serious work. After the fire, I moved through a stage of shock/exhaustion for several days, followed by one of burying my head into physical recovery (focusing all my energy on getting back into the daily exercise routine I need to keep my feet from turning black, and then building back up to not needing 3-hr naps once or twice a day). For the past 5 days or so, I've been working on the "real" quilting projects again, and now that I usually don't drop of exhaustion for several hours every day, I'm ready to start re-incorporating my blog-writing and social blog visits. I've got an important finish report to complete and post this week that's been 3 weeks waiting!  So, first right here - my June progress, then my July goals.

June Report
UFO Finishes:

Dragonfly Party 1!! I finished the binding on the second of these quilts, which was quilted by Judi Madsen of Green Fairy, in time to share the two in a trunk show for my father and stepmother when they visited, and again with my sister and her girls just last week. 

Kelly's 1930's - once again, I did not get to this

Mermaid Fantasy for Heather - nor to this


Run, Kitty, Run -  LOOK!  I got it all quilted! Just have to finish tucking tails, then I can put the binding on. And of course, with this quilt - after all the intense FMQ, my brain is stuck on doing something super-fussy and matching alternating white and blue sections. That'll be a fun learning session!

Whoooo's Your Mama? - Plugging along - This was a sneak-in on the priority line. I was super antsy (still am) to put my focus on UFOs after spending so much time with Run, Kitty, but sometimes Life and Love step in. My daughter's kind gesture of giving me fabric when she's got limited funds deserves attention.


BOMs took a big hit. I only worked twice on them.

Dear Jane - Only 4 blocks remain.  :D

July Goal Post
UFOs - 
  •   Wild Rose Cottage - Make its label, attach a hanging sleeve, and re-mark a cloth quilt bag to deliver it by the 6th for the Denver Capitol Quilt Show!  So excited about this. My first non-local show!!  

  • ✓   Devon's Monkey Spinners - Get Devon's first-quilt top sandwiched and at least enough quilting finished to stabilize it.

Scratching my head, rather like this cute monkey in the corner, not entirely sure how to quilt this. 

The silk jacquard she insisted on making the spinners out of is an entirely new creature for me to work with. Wondering if I need to buy some silk thread for it, or if the shiny, slick rayon I already have will do a good job. 
  • Start working on Kelly's 1930's - make stencils for the two remaining corner wreaths off the ones she had already done, learn how to use the spoon tool
  • ✓   Put the borders on Heather's Mermaid Fantasy

  • Run, Kitty, Run! - bind it, make the label, photo-op, and send it :D
  • ✓   Whoooo's Your Mama? - finish the center and attach the borders
  • Set Sail - Wash, cut out, prep the center medallion, and sew the HSTs for this NewFO out of the NETY kits in deep storage.  :)

  • Get back on schedule with the standard 4 that I use for BOMs Away hosting posts. Since Scott has to work overtime shifts for the 4th of July and that weekend, maybe put together the flimsy for the old Selvages BOM  :D
  • Dear Jane - finish the blocks for sure!!  yeah!!


  • FMQ station - Devon's Silk Monkies
  • Piecing station - Whoooo's Your Mama?, followed by Set Sail
  • Hand station - Wild Rose show prep, followed by Run, Kitty, Run and then BOM work


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  1. Ha - some days I'd like to have a three hour nap, and there's nothing wrong with me! Good for you for getting back into the swing of things - great looking projects as always. And FOUR?!? Woo Baby Jane!

  2. Wow! Your are so organized! Good luck with everything!

  3. WOW! you have a lot planned.
    That Judy did an amazing job on your quilt and look at your amazing job on your log cabin. Well done! Have a great month and hopefully your stress level will be way down.:0)

  4. i am SO impressed!

    "keep my feet from turning black"...?? yikes. i didn't realize it was that bad...

    love the kitty photos in the banner!!

  5. You're such a busy lady! Great things are happening there! Must ask... when you quilt with that "slick, shiny rayon," how do you start and stop? Do you stitch closely together? Or do you leave long tails and bury threads?

  6. Wow, that dragonfly quilting is AMAZING!

  7. That is a lot to accomplish :)
    Have a great month!

  8. Jaw dropping. . thanks for linking up my dear.


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