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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

WIPs - 10 July - Earth Monkeys, Dragons, and a binding

Been a while since I did a WIP post - here are the current priorities:

FMQ station - 

Started in on Devon's Earth Monkeys quilt. This is the UFO of the month, and has been waiting to be quilted for a shamefully long time! When the girls got out of school in 2009, I didn't want them to blow away an entire summer with nothing to show for it. At 17, 15, and 11, they were old enough to make their first quilts. This was Devon's. Truthfully, though, until this year I wouldn't have been comfortable doing the quilting - either with the FMQ or with the issues of the silks in the spinners and the tad extra fullness of the on-point center sewn by a 15yo. So the wait is all good in the end!

That's my plan for the central part. It's meant to flatten down the fullness around the spinners so they'll each stand out. I'd considered trying out some trapunto on them, but I worried that the basting lines would mar the jacquard fabric. So I'm letting quilting density and wool batting do a sort of faux trapunto - hopefully that's what'll happen.  ;D The leaves around the spinners coordinate with the bamboo leaves in the silk weaves. Still have no idea what I'll do in the borders. Scratching my head some more on that.

Piecing Station - 

Heather's had full use of that machine for a good month. She's been working hard doing the stitching and threadpainting on her dragons, which she can only do on college breaks. Just one last dragon to do and she'll be ready to start the quilting process. This will be the second quilt top she's made, and the first to go beyond the piecing stage. It's also entirely designed and drawn out by her! She's going to trapunto each of the dragons. This whole project fascinates me. :D

Hand Work Station - 

Stitching down the binding on Run, Kitty, Run. Can't wait for this finish so I can send it to its person! This binding is taking much longer than usual both because it's harder to stitch on the minky, and - well, you can see for yourself. Lots of joins to invisibly stitch in addition to the corners. Why do I do such things to myself?? ha!


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  1. I'm intrigued by all 3 of your projects... you are just so inspiring to me!

  2. Some great WIP's. Good for you for keeping them going.

  3. I think it's great that you've gotten your daughters interested in doing their own quilts. Mine just wants to receive them.

  4. Wonderful projects! Have a great time finishing them/seeing them being finished.
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com

  5. So wonderful that you're quilting on your daughters spinners! I love the sketch you have drawn out for the quilting. I'm just done with a bunch of things that needed quilting and am now in that weird between project lull....

  6. Wow, you have alot going on! Have fun!!
    jan@ sewandsowfarm

  7. As always, you have your fingers in many pies! You're doing a great job with the spinners quilt. It's always nice to see how the FMQ part happens. Thanks for sharing your drawing. As for borders... well, I just think all FMQ can involve a lot of head-scratching! Keep up the good work. I hope you're feeling yourself again.

  8. Real nice quilts!! Love the dragons!!


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