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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Birthday Shopping!

What a fun spree!!!  Allowed to just shop my heart's content within needs and reason at the local quilt shop after a full year of new-fabric dieting. . .  Wow.  :D  Happiness!

And I hit the jackpot. Our shop gives a nice discount on your entire purchase (barring machines and previously-discounted fabrics) - including notions. So I shopped for my August NewFO Birthday Bash quilt and important quilts coming up that I can't supply from my stash.

Tools I've been waiting for - 60 degree triangle for a kit in storage I want to pull up. Jenny's ruler that I've been drooling over for a YEAR. Pattern for a quilt later referenced. Refills for my sewline marking pencil.

And Fabric - oh, fabric!!

Birthday Bash: 

I wanted something from my Pinterest yearnings, something bold and fun, and a circles concept won out. Some fun prints and mixers to go on a very pale blue background, along with some prints already in my stash. 

Found a nice gray mini-print for the backing, and I'll use the stripe for the binding as well as some circle work.  This is this month's NewFO, though I doubt I'll have time to get much more done than the fabrics washed/pressed and some templates created before month's end. Sofa size.

Backing for my Dear Jane:

 I wanted something perky and modern-ish, so I got this yardage. One of the women at the shop seemed mighty incredulous that I would buy good fabric for the backing, asking if I was going to do anything other than hang it on the wall. Even if it never gets used on my bed, SO MUCH work and heart went into this quilt top that I couldn't bear to put a cheap-o backing on it. Jane deserves the print. I probably won't use that smaller piece for the binding, but it's an option for the auditions. Generous queen size.

Important Gift for next year: 

Surprisingly, I did not have enough Christmas greens and reds for this design, and I've been hunting long and hard for a large-scale print for the border. This is not *perfectly* what I wanted, but it's super close and I'm out of time for more hunting. Plaid is for the backing. Queen size. September's NewFO. 

25th Wedding Anniversary!! 

Coming up next summer - gotta get cracking to make us a nice double wedding ring for an option on our bed. Clearly this is going to be incredibly feminine. I'll foundation-paper-piece the arcs. King size. 

And a nod to my man: 25th Anniversary Groom's Quilt. ;D  

He liked the idea. Asked about having a moose or elk somewhere on it. I have enough cream in stash and can pull cool plaids and such for the arcs. Using Jenny Pedido's Metro Rings pattern for this one. Just needed a gray and the red - lol'ing at camera changes - this is the same gray as in the sample above. Sofa size.

And *that* was more than enough shopping, for sure! I'm back on the stash-only diet until we have been able to buy a book case, window treatments, a breakfast table set and a deck table set. It will be a while!

oh! But I loved this modern sample hanging in the shop -  Hexagon Shuffle, it was called. 

Here's one as quilted by Natalia Bonner:

Fun way to dress up a plain back for display, too! 
Leaves cut from Bella solids and sewn into strands, tied onto a dowel. 


  1. I JUST bought a quick curve ruler for MY birthday gift too! What a small world. Great quilting minds think alike ;)

  2. Happy Birthday! Looks like a fun trip and I heart all of the quilts. :)

  3. What a fun post!! Happy Birthday!! I loved all of your haul. You have great plans...good luck!! Isn't Natalia the best? What a beautiful job she did on that quilt. She just quilted one for me and I'm on pins and needles waiting for it to arrive! I made it for a young friend who was in a terrible, fatal car crash a couple of weeks ago. She's doing well and is going to love the quilt now that Natalia has performed her magic on it!! ~karen

  4. Happy Birthday and enjoy all of your new goodies! And your Jane quilt is awesome!

  5. WOHOO! Happy birthday! What amazing loot you got there!

  6. Good for you! Happy birthday...anxious to see your metro hoops quilt, I adore Jenny p.'s designs, but haven't used my ruler much yet

  7. Ohhhhhhh.....Happy Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a terrific time.

  8. When was your birthday, exactly? Happy day! And happiness is shopping in a real quilt shop! So glad you could do that, and find practical pieces to make forward progress on several things you have at home. I especially affirm your decision to put good fabric on the back of Dear Jane. It's an heirloom quilt and so deserves the best fabrics and batting. Love that Hexagon Shuffle quilt! Thanks for sharing a picture. I just marvel that quilters/designers can come up with so many original modern ideas. When challenged, I really struggle with coming up with a new idea. Hope your birthday was a good one, with hubby and children treating you special, as you are.

  9. Happy Birthday! My kind of birthday gifts. Have fun playing with them!

  10. You are totally going to love the quick curve ruler. I purchased one on a whim and can't get it out of my head. Happy Birthday!!

  11. It's looks like you had a wonderful time, I just had my birthday shopping and didn't go near a fabric store, still sticking with the stash diet, but maybe next year :)

  12. What a great way to celebrate a birthday. And you seem to have enough large projects to keep you busy while you wait out your next fabric-diet time. Love the fabric and I have never seen the Quick Curve ruler: something I probably need to check out. ;-)

  13. Ooh La La... you did good! Happy Birthday ;-)

  14. Now that was a proper birthday blow out after all that fabric dieting!

    Looks like you will be busy in the coming year too.

  15. Birthdays are the best for treating ourselves to guilt free indulgences. I hope you enjoyed yours.

  16. Birthdays are the best for treating ourselves to guilt free indulgences. I hope you enjoyed yours.

  17. OH, it looks like you had a really fun time shopping. Great finds. I remember when I first started quilting how everyone used muslin for the backs. Sometimes I use plain fabrics for the backs. Other times I like to dress up the backs too.

  18. Happy Belated Birthday Lynette! Great purchases, you'll love the quick curve ruler. I just bought the 60' ruler this month too!! Looking forward to seeing your Metro Hoops quilt.

  19. This is a great article and happy belated birthday! My mother makes quilts and she usually makes them for birthdays. They are also beautiful and a great way to save money. Buying presents for people's birthdays can be expensive sometimes. One year, I was having some money problems and after reviewing my options I decided to sell my structured settlement to help me get quick cash. I love this post and I hope your quilt turns out great.


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