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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

WIPs - Sail, Jane, 1930s, Monkeys

Changes at my stations:


Finished the entire inside of "Set Sail" and got the first border attached to protect all those seam ends:

And now it's safely hanging with the other flimsies until I pull it back out to make all those flying geese for the next border.

So the undercarriage is thoroughly cleaned, thread changed, and "Rainbow Jane" is well on her way to being assembled:

Hand Work:

Kelly only had about 18 inches left to hand quilt on her 1930s project. She'd had it on a big frame, which I don't have. I needed to problem-solve how to keep it at the same "tightness" she'd had and be able to use a lap hoop during evening TV times. 

So I secured the backing to the floor and pin basted the remaining looseness. 

I'm thinking I'll remove the ones that get in the way of the hoop rim when I put it in. Hopefully this will let me finish the quilt for her without a huge show of style/set-up difference. The busy print in the border will be hugely forgiving, I know.  :)


And now that Heather's into the free-motion portion of her Dragons and the Sapphire is set up the same way I need it, I can get back to finishing up Devon's Earth Monkeys when Heather's not at the machine. Have to settle on the plan to do that, though.  I pulled out some of my acrylic boards and played with sashiko motifs. Dev and I still don't know which we like best, so it's all sitting out on the pool table for a couple days while we get different looks at it all and make up our minds.  

Check out the difference in appearance when you make the guide grid just 1/4" smaller!


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  1. Set Sail looks great! I found my magazine with that pattern in it.

  2. the top is so pretty. great idea to clean your machine before starting a new project. I like to do that too.

  3. Love the Set Sail flimsy!! I'm just learning to FMQ. I hope someday I'll be ready to do a whole quilt.

  4. As always, you're a busy girl! Love seeing a billiards table being put to its intended use.

  5. These are all gorgeous. I'm loving set Sail. Just beautiful.

  6. The Set Sail is gorgeous and I love the tease about Jane, I've really enjoyed the progress reports, that's in my "some day" list.

  7. You have been busy! I prefer the drawn look of the clamshell. It seems softer and complements the fans, blends into the background better on the drawings. But also find drawing and stitching do not create the same effect because of thread choices vs drawing with a color that shows.... All would look great though. Look forward to seeing these works finished up!

  8. Really nice work but I have to say I love the pictures of your cats!! They are gorgous!!

  9. Love the set sail! It sounds like you have quite an operation going there with your stations.

  10. Wow! Set Sail is amazing! You did a fantastic job! :)


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