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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Finish Report for August

August Report

I got more things done than I thought I would this month. Sure helps to have these goal lists.  :)   And Dramamine/caffeine to let me work in the car on long drives moving kids back to their colleges. . . 

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My Button  Never Too Hot To Stitch!  

UFOs - 

  •   Devon's Silk Earth Monkeys - figure out what to quilt on the outside and get this one finished!!  Time to do up a finish report, so real pics on this soon  :D

  •   Kelly's 1930s - Stabilize the free end and work on the hand quilting, hopefully finishing one of the corner wreaths.  I did get an entire corner wreath finished, one sashing feather strip, and about 8 inches of border quilted. 

  • Medieval Illumination - Pull it out of deep storage, fix the center, piece one more stained glass panel.  -- No go on this one so far. The finished portions and the box of most of the fabrics are found and brought up into the light, but the packet with the plans, notes, and cut-out crosses, etc., is still hiding somewhere. . . 

WIPs/NewFOs -   

  •   Whoooo's Your Mama? - start working on the berries.  I didn't say I had to get any actually sewn on!  ;D

  •   BIRTHDAY TREAT - Go hop the local quilt shops after surfing Pinterest inspirations and buy a brand new modern quilt project to do.  :)  Wash the fabrics, cut it out.  My actual birthday treat quilt is ready to be cut and played with, but the fabrics I also got for our king-size anniversary DWR quilt are all cut out and a few arcs are sewn.

BOMs -  
  •   Stay on schedule with Hello Moon and Kelly's.
  •   Dear Jane - get the center assembled in two halves, triangle borders assembled separately.   No! The entire quilt is assembled!  WOOHOO!
  •   Ruffled Roses - get another border stitched.

Community Sewing - 

  • Pin-baste the gentleman's wheelchair quilt - I'm sad that I didn't get this done. I do have the backing ready to go, and if I can get the house all cleaned for my dad and his wife to arrive tomorrow, I will pin this tonight during the evening TV show.


  1. Woo! Nice work on all of those projects. You were busy in August! :)

  2. Love the quilting on Devon's quilt.
    The medieval one looks so neat. Hope you can find the notes.
    You had a good month. I just finished my post for Nothing but UFOs so you can link up if you would like.


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