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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

WIPs - Community Service detour, 25th Baby!, and Sporadic Circles

Thought I'd do a WIP post since it's been a while -

This project has snuck into the priority line. There's been a call for quilts for the Colorado flooding disaster relief. So instead of getting the border onto this UFO and setting it aside for attention again in a few weeks, I'll finish it up as soon as I can and drive it up to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum in Golden, which is the drop-off point. They need lots of quilts for any bed size. This one is a queen.

I figured it's great for man interest with its strong geometric design and bold jewel tones. No flowers or pink.  ;D   I got a back patched together from stash, and just have to wait for black batting to arrive. They were all out at the local quilt store. Can't believe I walked in there and out without buying a new quilt kit - such GORGEOUS fall fabrics in there!!!

I'm in the process of playing with my acrylic overlays to figure out how I'll quilt it all. I'm aiming for a fun play of FMQ work, but I don't want it to be too heavy for soft draping or to take so long on my table top that the call for quilts ends before it's finished. 

I'll be marking a fair bit since this is so huge and I'm trying some motifs that are not yet worked into my hands' memories. I keep getting all kinds of super fun ideas for out-of-the-box quilting inspired by such as Margaret Gunn, Kay Bell, Judi Madsen, Kathy Schwartz, Jenny Pedigo, among many others - but those ideas are all more intense time-wise and density-wise for the demands of this need.

I suspect that in the end I'm going to have a really difficult time letting this one go! I love how that back turned out - it'll be a good two-for-one. But the need here in Colorado is great, and I'm very happy that in this busy thesis-time of mine, there is an appropriate UFO in an advanced-enough stage to participate.


My anniversary quilt is still inching along. I put a quota for myself of making 2 footballs and attaching them each day, filling in other seams as they come up ready to be sewn.

I have three rows completed, left separated in three baby quilt sized chunks. I have no desire to work 9 long rows of attachments - or more than 1 long one, for that matter!  So I'll be putting this together in 9 chunks, then work those together in progressively larger sections until there's only one seam-line spanning 9 rings.

I do love this quilt more and more as it emerges, though I get sick of seeing it day in and day out.

So, until I pulled the flood quilt onto the priority spot, when I couldn't stomach pink anymore and had time for sewing after football duty - I would let myself make a circle from my birthday bash set. I think I have 12 now. There will be 42 altogether, and I just do whatever comes to mind at the time, making a line through one here, or a triangle frame around a frog face there. . .   It's a fun diversion. It'll be waiting for me again when I get the flood quilting finished.  :D

And one last photo - this wee young tree outside the orthodontist's office gets massive points for Fall Enthusiasm today!



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  1. The flood quilt is beautiful and will be so appreciated! I'm sure they won't get many of that size, you're a really good person :)

  2. Hi Lyn! I follow you through BlogLovin. I really enjoyed your post today. Your charity quilt is lovely and will be greatly appreciated. I LOVE your Double Wedding Ring. Are you using any special technique or ruler? I am just starting my Bali Bedrunner using Judy Niemeyer's paper piecing methods.

  3. Beautiful quilts and so generous to donate a quilt it will be well loved and appreciated

  4. All of your projects look great... and I love seeing glimpses of red around lately too!

  5. You've been busy. Aren't pool tables great substitutes for design walls? Been thinking about you and all of the rain in Colorado. (right after the fires, oh my!)

  6. Great Post! All your progress looks amazing, but that flood quilt is so admirable - it will be very well received I'm sure! Looking forward to seeing it's finish.

  7. I love your circles, they are going to make a cool quilt! I'd really like to know how you're making them, they look perfect.

  8. Wonderful quilts! Kudos to you for making a flood quilt, I'm sure that it will be greatly appreciated. I love your circles, they look like a great opportunity to just play.

  9. That quilt says "Colorado Sunset" to me! Beautiful! And, I am so glad you are donating it to such a worthy cause. I am trying to get some things together to donate to Colorado as well! Your DWR is beautiful as well, and I understand where you are with it........I have been there, done that!

  10. Whoa! I love that bright happy dont you just wanna cuddle up with me quilt! Very nice. :)

  11. That is a beautiful and generous gift to give for the flood victims. Kudos to you. That is one of the prettiest, if not the prettiest, wedding rings quilts I've seen.

  12. Great quilts! Love love love the circles! And that double wedding ring looks really daunting. But is going to be so gorgeous!

  13. These are all fabulous quilts, how generous of you to make such a beauty to give away! I adore your Anniversary Quilt, the colours you've chosen are spot on, they really speak to me, I think it already looks so charming. Be careful with your circles...they look addictive, as in, I think I could make one myself and I have 100 other WIPs to do first! What is it about them? They just look like such fun :)


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