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Friday, February 9, 2018

Finish Report! :) "Bohemia" is off my 18 in 2018 List

I do really love this folksy quilt, which was also on my Q1 list[Post two of two finishes to share today!]

It is made from the "Bohemia" collection of fabric by Julie Paschkis. I got the kit and whipped up the top in January 2014. Then it waited patiently-patiently in my Flimsy Closet while I finished saving up for the longarm. Other flimsies meant as special gifts and commissions monopolized my quilting time at the domestic during these years.

I had intended to hang this on the shorter rod in the family room, but the colors are just so gorgeous by the piano. And the camera has an incredibly difficult time showing these fabrics properly.

This quilt was done with a single layer of Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 cotton/poly, and I challenged myself to work in free-hand organic motifs with minimal SID on this quilt, to go with the whole feel of the fabric. It finished up at 48.75 x 68.75 inches after binding.

First I did the tiny bit of SID around the stop border, the panel edges, and the biggest triangular shapes (not the individual triangles). Then I put in the fill work for the four corner pieces (a simple flowery meander) and the smaller black-print triangles of the main peaks (even simpler loops). With that same black SoFine thread and SuperBob bobbins, I put in long leafy fingers in the black portions of the pinwheel blocks.

This was a perfect quilt to practice free-hand work on. As you can see, the prints hide most of the work, so it seriously doesn't matter how uneven your loops get or if you have wobbles in your echoing!

Next I changed over to black Glide thread with a MagnaGlide bobin and did the borders. I just followed around the elements in pretty open detailing, throwing in some leaves and curls in the upper open area.

The animal mini panels were super fun. I just outlined the elements and did some of the details in larger animals with that same thread.

Next I used a gold and a green Glide to put in poppies on the small colored triangles and some sculpting in the gold portions of the pinwheels. Other than the edge of the stop border and the big triangle peaks, those pinwheel teal-to-gold edges have the only straight lines on this quilt, followed by what I called wind-stream echoing. They were essential in defining the pinwheels - those blocks really melted into themselves before quilting and didn't look much like pinwheels. 

Didn't have a teal Glide, so I pulled out an Aurifil 50wt spool for those poppies and the remaining pinwheel sections (which got elongated flower petals).

Last of all, I put in some cream Glide with a cream MagnaGlide bobbin to draw folksy flowers-and-leaves in the cream borders around the animal panels.

The back is a green fabric from the collection, but I'd originally purchased enough for a domestic-quilting back, not for a longarm frame. So I augmented it with the black print from the collection that I'd also bought in a good bit of yardage. Two of my daughters love that print, so I'll be dividing the rest and sewing it to some cool minky backings (no batting) for them to have throws made from it.

Add a hanging sleeve. . .

. . .and lay it out to finish block-drying, and soon it's good to go for display. My family loves it as much as I do.

"Bohemia" is on my Q1 Finish-Along list, and is the first full finish pulled off my 18 in 2018 list.

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  1. Great job on the finish! And that looks like a very fun quilt to look at and to quilt. :)

  2. Fabulous finish! I love those fabrics.

  3. Congrats! on your newly completed quilt.

  4. The quilt is beautiful as well as the quilting. I am so happy for you. You are cruising along getting so much done. If you keep at this pace you'll have all 18 done for sure!

  5. What an absolutely gorgeous quilt! It is just perfect in every way. Congratulations on an impressive finish!

  6. Such a beautiful piece for your first finish of the year. The fabrics are fun!

  7. Wow...gorgeous fabric,quilt,and quilting.

  8. Love the piano! My heart is just drooling. We only have a small regular upright. But for the quilt the fabric is so unusual. Your piecework really accentuates it well. And YEAH for a UFO finished!

  9. I don't blame you for wanting this one to hang in a place of honor! It's wonderful :) Your quilting perfectly complements the piecing and the deep, rich colors of the fabrics. Congrats on such a great finish!

  10. What a cute piece! And I love your quilting. I wish I could do free hand like that. Who knows if I EVER will be able. I am so not fluid. LOL

  11. Yes, I really love that quilt and it looks fantastic in that spot. Is the rope so you can raise or lower the bar depending on the size of the quilt?

  12. This is a beautiful. The photo by the piano is wonderful. I want to move in.

  13. Congratulations on a beautiful finish - and your quilting is gorgeous! On behalf of the FAL 2018 hosts, thank you for finishing along with us.


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