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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Q1 List and WIP Wed

Since I've got so many UFO goals this year, it makes sense to plug into the 2018 Finish-a-Long program as well. Every bit of motivation helps, eh?

First, so you have a tiny bit of eye-candy, here's my current point on my piecing and quilting priority quilts:

Listen With Your Eyes - So close to having the FIVE diamond/NYB star circles completed!!

Sterling's QOV - I've just finished the center work, and this afternoon will start figuring out the details of how I'm doing the borders.

And now, here's my Q1 LIST OF QUILTS for the complete finish by March 31st:

(It's over-generous on purpose, I'd be flabbergasted if all of these were checked off. Also, except for 3, 7, and 9, all are simply waiting for their quilting.)

1. PJan 25  Sapphire Stars Mystery QOV for Sterling - my OMG for January
2. PJan 25  Bohemia - a top finished in Jan 2014, and this month's UFO challenge number
3. PFeb 2  Wildlife Trio kit - purchased last June, it will be a Valentine for Scott, who's been angling for more quilts in his offices
4. PFeb 9  Nicole's Mountainsa mini for my sister's birthday
5. Daisy Days - my own quilt that I want for my reading chair, pieced this month
6. Hearts or Modernology - the first top pieced in May 2010, the second from Dec 2013-August 2014
7. PMarch 28  The February UFO challenge, #1 - Fancy Forest - a large top pieced in the summer of 2016 
8. PFeb 28  Night Watchmy February OMG, Row quilt 1 of 6, requested by Scott for his office
9. Quilted Valance - need something pretty to coordinate with Dancing Hearts Longarm Quilting
10. PMar 29  The March UFO challenge, #8 - Ocean Songs - a top I'd sewn in Dec 2008!
11. Baby quilt for Heather's preceptor - to use some of the hot air balloon fabric
12. PMar 16  March OMG - Elm Street Quilts Postcard Exchange - gotta do something social  :)
13. Raven's Throne - Row quilt 2 of 6 requested by Scott for his office

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  1. I positively love the "Listen with your Eyes" circle quilt. I drool every time I scroll back to admire it.

  2. Oh my, that's a Beauty! I love everything in this block, the pattern, colors, everything is sooooooo eye catching! Love the quilting of the quilt too.

  3. Great job on the quilting! I might have to join in the Finish - a - long, too! :)

  4. Well done on making so much progress Lynette. Both your projects are looking great!

  5. It is an energetic list, but setting high goals sometimes achieves more of them even if it's not all of them.

    Listen with your Eyes is definitely coming along BEAUTIFULLY!

    Sterling's quilt is getting so close! Deciding what to quilt is something that really slows me down sometimes.

    Good luck! I know you will get a ton done!

  6. You have me totally listening with my eyes! Those stars are beautiful and I can't wait to see them all come together. I love the texture on the QOV quilt. I could look at quilting like that all day, so please share more. I am actually begging to see more quilting :)

  7. Those NYB stars are spectacular, and I love how you're quilting that QOV. What kind of longarm machine do you have, and how long have you been quilting with it? I'm a longarm newbie with a couple practice quilts behind me and my first "real" quilt on the frame right now... Trying to get up the courage to start quilting it!

  8. Well, as one who loves all things pointy when it comes to quilting, you know I'm listening with my eyes! That is one gorgeous quilt, and those points have me swooning. Can't wait to see the finish!

  9. "Listen With Your Eyes" is stunning. The quilting on the QOV is impressive as well. That is a very special quilt.

  10. I love your eye candy, it would be great to see those projects finished! Thank you for joining us in the Finish-A-Long!

  11. Listen with your Eyes is gorgeous! Good luck with your list!


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