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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Jan outlook - OMG, 18, 6 and 6, etc., etc.

My OMG for January, the top HAVE TO FINISH quilt, is my Sapphire Stars Mystery Quilt, which is a QOV for my Vietnam-Vet father-in-law. 

I'm excited, because I just scored an authentic Vietnam uniform shirt from his tour years with his retirement rank patches. I'm going to use the patches in the corner spaces (hoping to find 2 more) and the shirt fabric will be harvested for a binding flange. 

I'm a bit anxious, because I only have the background of four stars left to do up before I have to Get Over Myself and learn to use my l'il bean ruler to maintain fine control on curves as I do the U's and S's in the sashing. The A's and F's are already in. [Are you kidding me???  It Wasn't That Bad!! Just need a good little notched ruler!!]

However, I do have Princess Leia/General Organa riding along and bobbing her head in enthusiasm as I work now (most excellent Christmas gift from my 25yo), so I can go Zen and repeatedly mutter "the force is with me and I am one with the force. . ." during moments of intimidation.

Hmmm.  Leia. Millenium.  - may need some falcon wing tattoos for my Millie. . .  #understatedhumor

Clearing that quilt off my frame will let me move to my UFO Challenge #10 (also an 18 in 2018 item) for January - Bohemia. I plan to do a medium-light custom job on that one as the fabrics are pretty busy and won't show intricate quilting very much. Yes, I switched 12 into the 10 spot, because I need that fine-control skill set for curves/applique to do the original #10. #shootmeifyouneedto #butremembertheforceiswithme

The cream around the insets is really the only place detailed quilting would show

Morning work (my longarm wakes the person in the next room who works a swing shift) will focus on finishing the assembly of my Daisy Days Farmhouse 4-Patch (with help from my grand-kitty!) . . . [finished Jan 4]

and then getting the next two stages of my Listen With Your Eyes worked up (assemble the 5 stars-and-NYBs; paper-piece the next set of checkerboard archways). This is also on my 18 in 2018 list. It's going to be months before I'm ready to check this off. [achieved Jan 17]

Those were The Big Four (the afternoon and morning priorities, with the next-up's). Now for the sidelines, used for breathers and times I can only snitch a couple moments here and there:


I want to get the 1-5 section of Wind in the Whiskers applique all fused. . .[Yes!!!! I did this!!!!  You have no idea how many hundreds of hours went into this quilt so far. finished Jan 22]

. . .and get Down the Rabbit Hole past its block. Now that all the pattern is revealed and some folks have finished theirs, I have no excuse to put off the decision-making process to find the fabrics to use in that twisty-border!! Let's aim for having the rabbit borders cut out and rabbits ready to prep, with twisty colors chosen. Plus, get the last three patterns downloaded and safely stored.  [finished Jan 14, changed order around - got the twist border completed and added on. Will create an extra-wide rabbit border when the added background fabric arrives.]

I need to get my little Valentine's quilt for Scott's office fused together. He's been angling for more minis for weeks. It's a cute laser-cut kit I bought in Estes Park while I was there with him. This will be my first New selection for Meredithe and Anne's 6 and 6 in 2018. I already know 2 and 3 will be Valentine's style BOMs that start later, but 4-6 are open for "Ooo-Shiney!" things that I will yet encounter during the year. One of them probably ought to be an original-design studio mascot wall quilt. . . I don't have that much mental energy right now! (My 6 Olds will come straight off the top of my 18 in 2018 list.) [finished Jan 13. Oh, dear! He's requested no less than 6 row quilts in a wildlife theme for his office!]

I want to get two old NETY kits kitted (washed and cut and shoeboxed).fi  [finished Jan 20. Winter Woodlands and Primrose Paths.]

Also, I need to settle on a plan for the first Stash Rehab quilt early in the month. I'm thinking a mystery with dual configurations and a sneak-peak capability.

Good thing I have several hours each day at my disposal, eh? Let's see how much I can accomplish!


  1. Love the bobble head!!! You know "the force is with me, I am one with the force," is a pretty good mantra to remember! We are the Jedi quilters and the quilting force guides us :) You have a whole lot going on and I love it. You are grabbing the bull by the horns and showing it who's boss. Can't wait to see all these fun projects progress into finishes.

  2. Love the bobble head! The quilting on the QOV is amazing! I think that I am going to use my list for the UFO challenge for Judy's blog as well. I was planning on working on 2-3 projects at once. I need to get myself organized and get going. You are doing a great job!!

  3. Looks like a beautiful quilt. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.

  4. I do love that Bohemia fabric! I stalked it for a while on eBay but never ended up with any. I'll just enjoy yours as you get that one quilted :)

  5. Oh gosh...I love your bobble head! Thanks for visiting my blog. I loved my visit to yours and added your blog to my sidebar: Quilty Friends list. I'm looking forward to following you in 2018. :)V

  6. Your FIL is going to be thrilled...so much thought and live put into that project!! Looks like you are going to be one busy gal. Good luck on all of your beautiful projects!!

  7. That is an impressive 2018 list. Good luck with the quilting for January...and the Force will be with you.

  8. As always... so organized! I am impressed by how you are approaching your learning curve, and introducing projects that will help you progress with your FMQ learning/confidence but also progress those projects! Love the positive affirmations too :o)

  9. The colors are vibrant in the valor quilt which will be a meaningful gift especially with patches from shirt. Awesome! Looking forward to seeing progress on your other inspiring projects.

  10. Oh, the bobble head! hahahaha! Awesome. What a long list you have, Lynette! Good luck with your OMG, I'll be back to see your finish.

  11. I am delighted that you are joining Meredithe and me for the challenge, and I'm looking forward to seeing your progress!

  12. What a beautiful quilt! And pretty little Leia, for sure you will finish this top ;)

  13. The quilt on the frame is beautiful and I love your quilting. You are going to have a busy 2018!

  14. You may need for than "several hours a day" to get all that done! LOL Seriously though, I'm sure you'll accomplish a lot. It's so fun to see everyone excited about the New Year and setting great goals.

  15. I just found your blog and see that your Sapphire Stars is your January focus. Me too! Your quilting on S Stars is really neat. Please show other area of your quilting too. I have 70 UFOs so it may be hard to decide which 18 to choose. Lol.

  16. I love that fabric you're using for your Bohemian Quilt; that fox is quite handsome.

  17. I just love seeing all of your goals each month and watching you achieve them! You are so energetic and quite the finisher. You don't do easy things either.

    Your Sapphire Stars is GOREGEOUS and so is the quilting!

    Listen with My Eyes is going to be AMAZING! You and I like the same kinds of things. That is what makes following your blog so much fun!

  18. The bobble head is cute and entertaining I'm sure as you quilt.


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