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18 in 2018

Meredithe has graciously said it’s great for us to continue the “X in 20XX” approach since she and Anne have switched their challenge to “6 & 6 in 2018.” You should check that one out, too! They’re set up to do 6 carry-over projects from the past and 6 new ones in 2018.

[For clarification: This challenge is to work a measurable amount on 18 UFOs, not to finish them, unless that's what you choose for yourself.]

Hello! This challenge right here is for the creative folks who thrive on variety, and so we often have many quilt projects getting lost in the dust – AKA tons of UFOs. We know who we are!

“17 in 2017” was so productive for us, we’re going for the next number! Let’s keep each other motivated to move several things along again in this next year. But let’s keep it real where we need to. 

Read the details below the link-ups to see how this is a very manageable number, as you can choose to have 18 separate UFOs, or do 18 stages of a smaller number of UFOs.

You'll find the link to putting up your planning post just under the list of monthly working posts.


Working Posts 
(The link-ups on these posts will each be open for a full month, and that’s where you link up whenever you finish a number on your list.) Yes, you can back-link if you forgot to link something in a prior month.

January 2018  <~~This old link-up has our January work posts
February 2018  <~~This old link-up has our February work posts
March 2018  <~~This old link-up has our March work posts

April 2018  <~~This old link-up has our April work posts
May 2018  <~~This old link-up has our May work posts
June 2018  <~~This old link-up has our June work posts

July 2018  <~~This old link-up has our July/August work posts
August 2018
September 2018  <~~This link-up has our August/September work posts

October 2018  <~~This link-up has our October work posts
November 2018   <~~This link-up has our November work posts
December 2018  <~~This link is where we share what we're achieving right now


18 in 2018 Main List Posts 

(This link-up will stay open all year. It is where you link your initial listing post, and you can do that at any point in the year.)  Put your main list here, not progress reports.  :)

18 in 2018 - Challenge Met!!

 You rocked it!! (This is where you link up when you have finished everything on your 18 list. It is set to open in July to avoid confusion right now. If you finish earlier than that, just let me know and I'll edit it.)

(This linky will remain open until the last moment of 2018 on Baker Island, which maximizes the year for everyone on the planet. Some of you get an extra day!)


(No rules – I hate those)

You can join in at any time.

First post a planning list with 18 spots. 

You decide up front if you want to get some work done on 18 different UFOs [this is what I’ve chosen], or if you want to focus on fewer than that, you can divide the stages left into several numbers. [For example, I could choose “Chinese Lanterns” and give it 1) Stitch down all the fusible applique; 2) Make and sew on the 3D lanterns; 3) Quilt it; 4) Bind and label it. Then I could choose the kit in my storage, “Astrodelic,” and give it: 5) Wash and iron the fabrics; 6) cut it out; 7) Piece it ; 8) Quilt it. And so on.]

These projects can be UFOs, untouched kits, or just fabric set aside in your stash. Do you knit also, or make clothing, and want to put some of those in here? Go for it! Do you want to give some numbers open-enders? [For example: 16 – any project out of my storage chest.] Go for it!  Are you going to sneak back and change something out on your list later in the year? Who’s going to know? Do what you need to for your own best motivation!

Ideally, when you make your planning list, share what stages are needed, and just for added interest, note the approximate date you started a project or bought it, other times you’ve worked on it, maybe why it stalled out, etc.  You’ll like seeing that in the future. Photos are always nice to see and you’ll like having a before/after comparison in the end. If you don’t feel like going to all that work up front, just list the basic names and stages for each number. You can always edit later, or stick with minimalism.

Now choose a list item and work on it. 

Each month I’ll post a fresh link-up that will stay open all month, so you can link up any time you’re ready to share a new (or updated) achievement off your list.

When you finish all 18 spots, make yourself a Before/After summation post for the “Challenge Met!” linky. 

Get yourself a reward! Maybe a night out at a super-fancy restaurant, or a new quilt project you might not otherwise let yourself have, or a piece of equipment you’ve been wanting. . . The possibilities are endless, and a reward adds to your fun.

No worries! There will be no policing here – you decide how much or how little work to put into a stage and call it a success in terms of ticking off a number! 18 is a big number, but we’re using the concept of breaking large tasks into smaller steps to make this challenge not only manageable, but highly productive for UFO movement throughout the year.

We don’t have sponsors, so this is a self-driven challenge. It’s just an easy-to-access linky that’s always open. Here’s to a great 2018 quilting experience!


  1. I am most definitely on board. Two posts pending later this week (one for piecing and one for quilting). ONWARD!!

  2. I'm visiting here thanks to reading the blog post today from Julie - her comment above.
    Joining in here would provide a huge incentive for me to get organised and be a great pleasure, so count me in please! I plan to have my thoughts on paper/computer January 2.

  3. Hi Lynette yes Im definitely in, I want to carry on from the fun we had last year with UFOsin2017 I have plenty to fill in 18 for this year, Im not aiming for finishes just progress on mine, so will set aside 3weeks roughly for each one. Thanks for doing this it takes time from your own sewing time so much appreciated. Looking forward to the fun and support and mostly the motivation LOL Cheers Glenda

  4. I didn't do 17 in 2017 last year, but I saw how well it worked for many others. So thank you for picking up the ball and carrying on! Here's to a great year!

  5. This is the first I'm hearing of the 18 in 2018 Challenge. I only have 6 UFO projects. Does that mean I need to hurry up and start 12 new projects to participate?? Just kidding -- I'm drowning with just my 6. I definitely need to go back to being a One-'Til-It's-Done quilter! But seriously, I just dashed off a list of 18 goal "stages" as you suggested. The thing is, with only 7 months of the year to go, there is NO WAY I am going to get all of that done this year. Each of my 18 would take me an entire month or longer, depending on life getting in the way. But it was helpful to make the list anyway -- I can use this list to help me pick my One Monthly Goal each month even if I'm not ready to publish the list and say I'm trying to knock it all out by the end of the year.


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