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Thursday, February 1, 2018

February Outlook - OMG, 18 in 2018, UFO Challenge, etc.

My OMG for February, the top HAVE TO FINISH quilt, is this row quilt, "Night Watch."  

It is the first of six row quilts requested by my husband for his office. We got kits for these from Northern Threads.
I usually hate pre-fused kits (I like to work a pattern from scratch so I can be persnickety about my fabric placement, and I hate not having the fusible cut away from the center of non-tiny pieces), but that's what we've chosen for these so they'll be quick to do up. The plan is to finish one per month. They are 15 x 41 inches.

My 18 in 2018 focus is the February selection for the UFO Challenge, which is #1 this month.

Whew! I'll be tackling the intense custom quilting I want on my Fancy Forest. 

That's going to take a long time, maybe all month once my Daisy Days is off the frame (went on last night). It is going to move my longarm skills forward quite a bit, I'm sure!

Fortunately, it's already on zippers and basted to its backing. Easy to zip back onto the frame and start the SID work.

If you follow me, you know that I operate best with very energetic lists of things to give attention to. It's not stressful, because the list is an organizer, not a "Have to Do ALL This!" I know that with this short month, and coming off a whiz-banger month, all of this is NOT going to get done. But this is the list I'll pull other work from during February:

Other Important Quilting:
Daisy Days – for my reading chair
Nicole's Mountains - a mini quilt for my sister's birthday (at the domestic during keep-quiet hours)
Wildlife Trio a tiny mini that should take hardly any time at all (at the domestic during keep-quiet hours)


Listen With Your Eyes – make the blue and maybe the purple checkerboards
Tulip Garden Flannel kit – start the work on this NETY that was kitted January 2015.


Color Bears  – Make February’s, again using quilt-as-you-applique method
Wind in the Whiskers – trace and place the fusible pieces on fabrics for the kittens of the lower left panel
Down the Rabbit Hole – get the math figured out for making the diamond border work with my addition, cut and sew together the doubled applique border, and prep the bunnies.
Classic Nutcrackers  – pull fabrics for block one and start.
Queen’s Garden  – wash the fabrics, prep block one pieces for machine turned-under stitching.

NETYs – Pull one out to prep

Stash Rehab – Work a plan in EQ using that block


  1. I love your Fancy Forest, especially the rabbit. So cute! What do you mean that you have it on zippers?

    Your 18 in 2018 sounds interesting. I wish I had known about it last year. Are you going to do 19 in 2019? Maybe I can play along then.

  2. Looking forward to seeing your row quilt come together. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.

  3. I love the design of the row quilt! Very fun project.

  4. It really is an ambitious list. I like organizing by lists too, otherwise when I do end up with a little spare time I can't think of something I really want to do with it! lol Can't wait to see your "Forest Friends" "intensely custom quilted."

  5. Really like the "Night Watch" wall hanging. It will be lovely in your DH's office. I will look forward to seeing your custom quilting. I really miss my longarm (health issues) and so enjoy seeing others work. It is always good to be stretched and you will become so much more confident in your custom work. A most impressive list to aim for.

  6. I look forward to seeing what you do with your quilting - your Fancy Forest certainly deserves some special attention. Your to do list is amazing - you must be very organised and focused to keep so many balls up in the air.

  7. You have very worthy projecs in deed. They are all so beautiful that they MUST be progressing toward a finish. I have faith you will achieve them all.

  8. I would never be able to do one of those fused pictures but they sure are attractive and must save a lot of time.


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