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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

WIPs - Dear Jane FLIMSY!!, Earth Monkeys, Kelly's 1930s

Currently at my stations:


WHOOP! WHOOP!!  Rainbow Jane is fully assembled!!!  All 5139 pieces. >wah~!<  

 86" square.  Ready for marking the scallops and whatever I decide to quilt in the background triangles. 

I put in cornerstones on this one - went through all the colors I'd received for the blocks and found the one of each color that I liked best. Used that one for all the stones in each radiating color band. I think you can get the idea here:

Regarding earlier thoughts of quilting this in large sections, then joining them - SCRATCH THAT IDEA~!  There are far too many precision points in small measure to match up to ever get it to line up perfectly after quilting. You'd have waves that will never block out completely, or mismatched lines. Besides the whole challenge of the serious thicknesses that fight with the foot as you're sewing.

If you're assembling a Dear Jane, you'll find that the tiny 1/2" sashing places many thick, thick seam-allowance stretches that ride so close to the foot that it's often difficult to keep the edges perfectly lined up. I found pinning like this to be super helpful, because on most blocks, that top Baby likes to slide away from the foot with a strong pull:

I thought about putting on the zipper foot to see if that helped, but the sashing is so narrow that you need a really perfect 1/4" seam. I can't get that without using this particular foot.

GO SLOW. And it also helped to provide support/tension from 3 angles: front and side with my left hand, from the back with my right hand reaching through the machine's throat (absent here to do camera duty):

I have other things that require attention, and after the intensity of assembling her, I do need a Jane break. But I can't wait to give her some more attention next month!!  I plan on marking the scallops and the quilting I want in the blue cones, then I can pin-baste her. I think I will just SID the inside babies, quilt the background cones/scallops, and bind her. I do want quilting in the individual squares, but I'll leave that for "The Second Stage" at some further point in time. Maybe then I'll have an easier machine to heft a VERY HEAVY 85" quilt through.  :)   Because this flimsy is one heavy sucker!!!  

I can't hang it in my Quilting Needed Closet - 

It'll just fall off the hanger. So it sits on top of my treasured quilts armoir stack.

No fears of forgetting her quilting, though! After two years of working on her, she's a very good friend, indeed.

P.S. -  Men. . .  ::shaking my head::  Mr. Caulkins: "This is what it would look like if a quilt farted:"

And after that intense load the past couple of weeks, I'm taking a break from that station.  ;D

Hand Work:

Kelly's 1930s is actually in progress now. 

I'm having a slow climb up the learning curve for the spoon-ma-bob, 

but I can tell I'm really going to like it a LOT. I need to get a leather "thimble" for my upper thumb, though.  

I've stitched in one sashing feather motif and a portion of a corner wreath.

Too bad Clara didn't let me snap this shot in time for my Pets on Quilts post. She's such a pretty girl - and is Selma's daughter (the calico that was on the last post).


This station is mostly occupied by Heather, who is fully engaged in quilting her Dragons.

 I just love this original work of hers. A couple of my favorite panels (still in progress):

For my own FMQ work, I tried out my Sewline ceramic pencil for the first time - yes, the one I've had for about 2 years now.  I LOVE IT!!  Love, love, love.  

And when Heather's not around, I can change the thread at the Sapphire machine and work on Devon's Earth Monkeys. I've got a single layer of Tuscany wool batting in this. Really loving the sashiko pampas grass motif on it. . . So, apparently, are the monkeys!


  1. Dear Jane is stellar!! Wow! You must be so very pleased. Thanks for the tips for easier sewing. Am looking forward to seeing the dragon quilt all finished!! Pretty kitty, for sure.

  2. Whoop whoop is right, it's wonderful! Clara looks so sweet, she must look like her dad, I'd never think that her mom was a calico, but are beautiful.

  3. Great projects in the works! You both are BUSY. I do love your Jane... and Monkey...and Dragons...and Selma!

  4. I love your Rainbow Jane! I am so jealous. I just finished month 11 and have 13 more packs to go.

  5. I'm speechless! Your Rainbow Jane is a-m-a-z-i-n-g Lynette. Well done.

  6. So much going on at once! I still am in awe of your Rainbow Jane.

  7. I say it every time you post about it, but WOWWWW! The dear jane is fabulous!!!

    I love the blue dragon too btw, are you going to share finished pictures of it when she finishes? I'd love to see the whole thing.

  8. Congrats on completing your Jane Flimsy! What an undertaking. It is beautiful already, but I can't wait to see it quilted.

  9. Your Dear Jane quilt is just gorgeous.

  10. Dear Jane looks AMAZING! You must be over the moon excited!!

  11. really nice work!! love the dear jane!!

  12. Your rainbow jane is absolutely amazing, love it all! Thanks for linking up to 'Anything Goes'

  13. Holy Crap! That's amazing and beautiful. I love, love, love the dragons too!

    ~Susan @theboredzombie.com

  14. Gosh Lyn your rainbow Jane looks stunning, what a LOT of planning there but truly worth all the extra time you took in this area. You both have had an extremely busy week, dragons and Monkeys together in the same room LOL. Cheers glenda

  15. I forgot to say thanks for the tips on Dear Jane sewing Lyn I will remember those for one day when I finish my DJ >????? Cheers Glenda

  16. that rainbow jane. there are no words. what in the world. amazing!!!!!!

  17. Yay for you to have pieced Dear Jane! What an accomplishment! I'm marveling at your dedication to this project. It looks wonderful with that divine color layout. And yay too that you're sticking with T.J's Quick Quilter. It truly is the best for hand quilting. As for the Sewline pencil, are you saying I should use that all the time now? I've used it only for marking embroidery designs, so I must not be putting it to full use. Certainly, after my unfortunate experience with FriXion pens, I need to be rethinking what I use to mark quilting designs!

  18. What an accomplishment! Congratulations on your Dear Jane flimsy!

  19. Your Dear Jane looks amazing.
    I like your colors.

    Greetings, Manuela from Germany.

  20. Oh my! Your DJ is looking F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C! (So does Clara!)

  21. Your Dear Jane is absolutely, astoundingly stunning. Amazing accomplishment.

  22. Wow, I love that dragon quilt!

  23. That is one incredible quilt!!! Thanks for linking to TGIFF!

  24. I am in envy of Dear Jane, it is beautiful.

  25. Your Dear Jane is beautiful! I hope you have fun with your quilting spoon! I wanted one, but thought I should try saving money by using a regular spoon I already had. :}

  26. Woop Woop! Grats on the Dear Jane. I have to say though, Heather's dragon quilt is awesome!!!!

  27. Now I have to make one of those quilts for myself. I love yours!! It is beautiful quilt. Great job!!

  28. Your work on the Rainbow Jane is unmatched (in my opinion)! It surely got my attention. Compliments on all of your work! I enjoyed your blog.

  29. Just love your DJ I started my 1st block


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