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Monday, December 17, 2012

NewFO dreamings for 2013

BOMs Away Monday is here:

2013NewFOBarbara's running her really fun program again for 2013.

As I already have a huge (though shrinking) UFO list and a ginormous untouched kits list (gathered and itemized during our cross-country move), I'll be "shopping" from the Denizens of the Creepy Room for my NewFOs this year (scroll down on the Horizon tab to see a truly astonishing list).  - Except when I need a gift and my birthday month - for those, I'm allowed to put together something entirely new if I want. I'm sure I'll want!     ;D

Here's what I anticipate adding to the mix next year:

  • January - Run, Kitty, Run - a special gift with one purchased fabric and the rest from stash

  • February - HST baby quilt for my sister's first child, stash plus Kona background


  • March - Hoot Twister (or use the pattern for Kristy's Dream that's saved, with quilting like here)

  • April - You Must Be Croaking


  • May - Tuscany Terrace

  • June - My Tweets

  • July - Quilting By the Bay's HST beauty

  • August - something from a local quilt store!  :D  woohoo Happy Birthday To Me

  • September - That Lanterns Thing

  • October - Jovial 3D Trees

  • December - Martha's Holiday Spin

I figure My Tweets, Quilting by the Bay's, whatever I get for my birthday, and Martha's Holiday Spin will not be finished within the year. They are hugely involved quilts that will need cyclical attention. I can't stand to work on one project straight through for as long as I know those will need. Long-term friends are good, though. They make really fun runs of finishes when they're all close to the binding stage. 

Here's what I anticipate finishing from the existing UFO list to counterbalance that inflow:

So I should have 12 new friends and 22 finishes next year - most of them quite large quilts - if I can toe this line.  :)  


  1. Yay for August! :D

    Interested in seeing your Hunter's Stars. I still want to make another one in three colors...after I quilt #2!

  2. How can you have so many quilts/kits/projects (OK - I had to laugh at the creepy room)?? You don't look like you are 112yrs old?? I admire your honesty, drive, acceptance of the inevitable, and organization. Glad to see My Tweets in there - I'll still be plugging away too. Good luck and roll on 2013!

  3. You have a lot of great projects to look forward to in 2013!

  4. Very ambitious list! And a really, really fun one!!! Looking forward to seeing these come to life :*)

  5. A great list - and NewFO is no pressure to finish, so relax and breath.

  6. Love your list. The frogs are so cute!

  7. What a great thing to plan for the next year - I'll have to check this out!

  8. I can't believe you've got next year planned out already! I'm looking forward to seeing all these :)

  9. You've got a really fun list. It's going to be a challenge balancing the NewFOs with the UFOs.


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