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Other than my family, the passion of my life is quilting. An eclectic, I love a wide variety of styles and techniques encompassing both machine and hand work. I am a longarm quilter who can work for you. I enjoy any style, from pantographs to all-over to full custom, ranging from traditional to modern. I love bringing vintage tops to life and am willing to work with a challenging quilt top. Instagram: lyncc_quilts

Here There Be Dragons

Denizens of "The Creepy Room" - 

Here there be Dragons!

[That's what my teenager calls my storage room downstairs, and while nobody else finds it creepy at all, the name stuck. Several people have actually reported seeing a ghost cat on that level, though. . . ]

Oct 4, 2012     I was an incorrigible process quilter for some 20 years, rarely finishing what I started because I gravitate to large, complicated quilts and my attention span for given colors/techniques/etc doesn't last as long as it takes to make such quilts. Additionally, I was severely hampered by hyper-activated internal demands for perfection. Fortunately, blogging has helped me evolve into a finisher, and I've worked out a good rotation system to hold my attention while finishing many quilts every year. It's amazing how rehabilitating it is to internalize the concept that "Finished is better than Perfect." We don't mean that sloppiness is acceptable, but that your best reasonable effort is absolutely fine when you're not working on a show competition piece. 

As I finished unpacking "The Quilt Storage" from our cross-country move last night, I labeled and itemized each and every kit and project that has accumulated over the decades (there are SEVENTY-FIVE that have never even been started!!!! 75~!!! What's With That??!!) Got those suckers listed here on my blog - pride be damned. This list and the sharing of it is how I keep the progress moving. I aim to chunk away at them over the next several years. It'll be slow going for another 18 months, until I finish my masters, but at least it's moving forward instead of stagnating and growing worse. The really funny thing is, after listing these last night, I saw Lynn's post at "Sewin' Wild Oats" talking about just this thing.  Gotta love Quilty BlogLand and its invaluable inspiration for creativity, technique development, AND productivity.

In the end, I'll have a really great legacy for my family, eh?  ;D

Sep 28, 2015     I've been asked by several people why I don't just give away or sell all the decades old kits and fabric sets that I'm determined to finish. The answer is that I wish to honor the money that was spent from our family's budget. We all know I could never sell the kits for more than a tiny fraction of what I'd bought them for. I don't limit myself to ONLY working on these projects, because that would drive me nuts: I do have current interests that I like to explore at times, like modern quilts, art quilts, and personal designs. But actually, it's rather fun to revisit the tastes that my younger self liked. Most of them have changed as I have changed and the times have changed, so it's an interesting journey.

Those Who Had Already Been Abducted - The First UFO list, from Jan 2012
(Start Point: 59 - partial cross-thrus mean they've been finished to the flimsy state. These are projects that were already in progress at that date, and were never included in the NETY list as they had been touched at the time that list was made.)

1. Selvages BOM (renamed BBQ with the Squadron)
2. Listen With Your Eyes
3. Frog Lily for Marissa
4. Quiet Rebellion on the Pond
5. Medieval Illumination Coat of Arms
6. Beachwalk
7. Hunter's Star Class Piece
8. Hunter's Star the Way I Wanted
9. Quilt for a Cause: Legacy
10. 2009 Christmas Exchange
11. 2010 Christmas Exchange
12. Once Upon a Star
13. Stepping Stones
14. Glacier Star 2011 BOM, top finished summer 2012
15. Scott and Lynette, Still
16. Hearts for Kelly
17. That Poor Forgotten Orphan from 1994. <~~ My very oldest UFO

Those Who Were Rescued and Are Living Full Lives:
(finished quilts that were on my initial interventionist UFO list that was inventoried Jan 2012)

1. Ode to Mr. Singleton  Started ~2009, Finished Dec 2010.
2. Kelly & Kerry’s Yuckies  Rescued mid-2010, Finished for her Jan 2011.
3. Kelly’s for Kelson  Rescued mid-2010, Finished for her Feb 2011.
4. Wagon Wheels West for Dad Started late 2008, Finished Apr 2011.
5-7. Bama Bound quilts Started ~1995, Finished May 2011.
8. Katie Loves Chris Started 2009, Finished May 2011.
9. Wheelchair quilt Started 2010, Finished Jun 2011.
10. Around the World with Mr. Hernandez – his Started Feb 2010, Finished July 2011.
11. Around the World with Mr. Hernandez – Heather’s Started Feb 2010, Finished July 2011.
12. Sailing with the Flying Needles Started Aug 2010, Finished July 2011.
13. 13 Gags at 11 Started June 2009, Finished Aug 2011.
14. What a Hoot, Devon! Started 2010, Finished Aug 2011.
15. Lori’s Irish Butterflies Started Fall 2010, Finished Dec 2011.
16. Marissa’s Moment – pillow sham Started Feb 2010, Finished Jan 2012.
17. Patriots in Petticoats Started Jan 2011, Finished Oct. 2012
18. Unicorn Dreams Started Dec 2008, Finished Nov 2012.
19. Wagon Wheels West - mine Started late 2008, Finished Dec 2012.
20. Synergistic Windmills (Heather's) Started Jun 2009, Finished Jan 2013.
21. Marissa's Moment of Caprice Started Feb 2010, Finished Jan 2013.
22. Wheelchair Quilt 3 Started 2010, Finished Feb 2013.
23. Wild Rose Cottage Started Spring 2010, Finished Apr 2013.
24. Dragonfly Party 1 Started early 2009, Finished May 2013.
25. Dragonfly Party 2 Started early 2009, Finished May 2013.
26. Devon's Earth Monkeys Started Jun 2009, Finished Aug 2013.
27. Piñata Pizzazz Started mid 2008, Finished Oct 2013.
28. Kelly's 1930's Finished the last 15" of hand quilting for her Nov 2013.
29. Kelly's Joseph Smith Quilt 1 Partially pieced by her early 2009, Finished by me Nov 2013.
30. Kelly's Joseph Smith Quilt 2 Started early 2009, Finished by me Nov 2014 (The Year of my Thesis)
31. "The Snooty Sisters" from Sea Breeze Started mid 2011, Finished Feb 2015.
32. "Koo Koo Puff" from Sea Breeze Started mid 2011, Finished Feb 2015.
33. "Twinkletoes" from Sea Breeze Started mid 2011, Finished Jun 2015.
34. "Tweedle Dee" from Sea Breeze Started mid 2011, Finished Jul 2015.
35. "Tweedle Dum" from Sea Breeze Started mid 2011, Finished Aug 2015.
36. Kelly's "Be Attitudes" Pieced and embroidered by her 2008, Quilted and finished by me Sep 2015.
37. "The Clampetts" from Sea Breeze Started mid 2011, Finished Sep 2015.
38. "The Nerdles" from Sea Breeze Started mid 2011, Finished Oct 2015.
39. Kelly's "Strolling the Block" Pieced/stitched by her c. 2008, Quilted and finished by me Nov 2015.
40. "The Doodles" from Sea Breeze Started mid 2011, Finished Nov 2015.
41. "Tootsie and Rumples" from Sea Breeze Started mid 2011, Finished Feb 2017.
42. "Ocean Songs" Started fall 2008, Finished Mar 2018.

Those Who Wish to Be - aka "NETY List"  (Not Even Touched Yet)
These are kits and fabric sets that were never even touched when we moved - additional to the original UFO list found below ~!
Combined start point Oct 2012: 93
Incorporated into the work pool so far: 39
Flimsy status: 17
Completely Finished: 5

 1    Batik1 – Simply Fun - in the mix 2/14
 2.  Batik2 – Faceted Jewels - in the mix 1/14
 3.  Batik3 – Dove in the Window - in the mix 3/15
 4.  Be Attitudes
 5.  Beachcomber - in the mix 9/15
 6.  Bella Garden

      7. Berger's Town & Country sample book
 8 Big ‘n Bold (Renamed Secret Garden) - in the mix 4/17
 9.  Big Sister, Little Sister - in the mix 3/17, finished 7/17.
10.  Bliss
11. Brown Mosaic II

     12. Celtic Wave
13.  Cheddar & Poison Green
14.  Chubby Chicks - in the mix 6/13

15.  Climbing Lanterns - in the mix 9/13
16.  Coraline (purchased summer 2012) - in the mix 4/18
17.  Decadent Victorian
18.  Empty Nest Syndrome
19.  English Garden – 1
20.  English Garden – 2
21.  English Garden – 3
22.  Feathered Goose
23.  Floral Abstract
24.  Flower Patch

25.  French Braid (Renamed "Plums in November") - in the mix 11/13
26.  Garden Friends - onto the BOM rotation 10/14
27.  Heart and Home - in the mix 3/14
28.  Holiday Tidings - in the mix 11/13

29. It's a Hoot - in the mix  4/13
30.  Jovial - in the mix 10/13 -  finished Feb 2015.**

31.  Let’s Build a Snowman - in the mix 12/12
Martha’s Holiday Spin - in the mix 12/13
Mary Englebright Colors
34.  Misty Mountain Pond
35.  Monticello Blue
36.  Monticello Pink

37.  My Tweets
38.  New Moon
39.  Oceanic Waves
40.  Oceanica
41.  Ode to Mr. Singleton – Heather’s
42.  Pastel Sister 1
43.  Pastel Sister 2
44.  Pastel Sister 3
45.  Patchwork Party
46.  Patchwork Party Spring 2009
47.  Patchwork Party Fall 2011 (Fall All Around) - on BOM rotation 3/17, Finished 11/17

     48.  Primrose Pathways - in the mix 1/18
4   49. Reflections - in the mix 11/15
50.  Rolling Star
Saltbox Harvest - in the mix 10/14
Set Sail - in the mix 7/13
53.  Simple Pleasures (Renamed Daisy, Daisy)
 - in the mix  5/13
54.  Spring pillowcases
55.  Springtime
56.  Star Crazy - onto the BOM rotation 1/15
57.  Strawberry Hill - in the mix 2/18
58.  Sugar ‘n Spice
59.  Sunshine - in the mix  3/14
60.  Sunshine & Shadow - in the mix 6/17
61.  Symphony
62.  Synergy
63.  That Bad Boy - Back in the mix  3/17 (ER on Veteran's Day 2011)
64.  The Cat’s Meow
65.  Thistlepods - in the mix 3/18

66. Trend's Nouveau Chenille sample book - in the mix 12/17
     67. Trend's Savanna Jacquards sample book
68.  Tulip Garden (flannel) - in the mix 1/15; flimsy 4/18
69.  Tuscan Sun
70.  Tuscany Terrace 
- in the mix 6/13
     71. Verna (use Amy Smart's pattern!)
     72. Valley of the Kings
73.  Wind and Waves - in the mix 6/17
74.  Windmills
75.  Winter Woodlands - in the mix 1/18
76. Woodland Stars
77.  Woodland Stars Winter Fun (summer 2012 Connecting Threads)- in the mix 2/15
78.  You Must Be Croaking 
- in the mix  3/13
79.  Kelly’s 12 Rows of Christmas
80.  Kelly’s Gingerbread
81.  Kelly’s Scribble Monsters

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. More wrestled out of a basket they were lurking in??
82. Laurel Burch Ornaments - Dec 2012 & finished Dec 2014.**
83. Christmas wreath project
84. Christmas Apron panel
85. Christmas Tree door panel
86. 12 Days of Christmas Storybook panel
87. Village Charm Christmas vignettes
88. Origami Christmas Tree
89. Minky Stripes - Apr 2017. (for Camp Hobe, H2H quilt)
90. Finca Candy Set
91. Pick-A-B #3 - in the mix 7/15 (renamed "How Do You Take Your Tea?")
92. Raspberry Lemonade - or Battenberg Cake- in the mix 2/14
93. Quilt of Valor Orphan

Things I dream of doing some day

My Tweets
Double Denim Wedding Ring (like Rachael's here)
oh, my!!  An Elephant Swoon (look how awesome Karily's work is)
Jingle Belle
Sarah's Revival
Patchwork of the Crosses (like Joan's)
Hidden Garden cathedral
Henrietta's Whiskers
Roll, Roll Cotton Boll
Orca Bay
Easy Street
Baltimore Christmas
Baltimore Halloween
Ladies of the Sea
You're Such a Romantic, Jane
Jane's Gone Wild!
2nd-Gen Circle Play
Willow Tree Reproduction
French Kiss - Fig Tree pattern - (something like Angela Nash's here)
FMQ small Christmas quilt bases (like Lori's)
Medieval Satin FMQ Spread (blow-up of Cindy's block)
Chatelaine - Medieval Town inspiration
Flavin Glover log cabin
Tail Feathers BOM (old one - pattern here)
Flying Geese - (Jackie's)
Something like Cynthia's Ball Maze quilt - (here)
Grit's "La Passion" Hexagon quilt - (here)
An Image Quilt in the manner of Jenny Bowker - (here)
A Birds & Beauties quilt - something akin to Sophie's two projects hanging together here
A circle quilt like Sharon's - here
A red-based spider web quilt
Wild and Goosey scrap quilt 

The following lists include the items from the NETY list up above that have been incorporated into the work rotation, as well as every new project that I have started. Highlighted projects have not yet been finished. Partial cross-throughs indicates finished to the flimsy state.

2012 Projects - 4/13 waiting to be finished
                 *(Taken from my NETY storage)    **(Completely from stash)
 *Let's Build a Snowman Dec 2012, needs blanket stitches
 *Laurel Burch Ornaments Dec 2012 & Dec 2014.
**Scoot,Santa! 1 11/2012.
**Scoot, Santa! 2 11/2012.
   Kashmir Aug 2012, kitted
 *Affairs of the Heart Aug 2012, long-term hand work project (on hold, as 8 finished blocks are missing)
**Hawaiian Etude 7/12-2/13.
 *Coral Encounter Feb 2012, flimsy
   Amaretto Cottage 1/12-3/13.
   Heather's Hearts 1-11 2012.
   Marissa's Hearts 1-11 2012.
   Devon's Hearts 1-3 2012.
   Snowy Day in the Woods 12/11-1/12.

2013 Projects - original NewFO plans at this post, 14/26 waiting to be finished
                 *(Taken from my NETY storage)   **(Completely from stash)

 *Martha's Holiday Spin   Dec 2013 - center complete; Dec 2017, borders added;
 *Holiday Tidings Dec 2013 - flimsy
   Modernology  Dec 2013 - flimsy
 *Plums in November   Nov 2013 -  quilting in progress
 *Jovial Trees   Oct 2013-Feb 2015.
 *Climbing Lanterns   Sep 2013 - top sewn, ready for 3D lanterns
   Top Secret: Heather-Bear's Graduation   Sep 2013-May 2014. 
   Celebrating Heather-Bear's Graduation   Sep 2013-May 2014.    
   Allison's Graduation   Sep 2013-May 2014. 
   Circle Dance   Aug 2013, some blocks sewn
   25th, Baby!  Aug 2013 - Oct 2014.
 **Flight Commander   Aug-Sep 2013.
 *Set Sail   July 2013; July 2017  - Flimsy
 *Tuscany Terrace   June 2013 - kitted
 *Chubby Chicks  June 2013 - chicks fused 
  Whoooo's Your Mama?  (fabric gift from Devon) June 2013 - Flimsy
 *Daisy, Daisy  May 2013 - Flimsy
   Marissa's Restore Innocence Project  Apr 2013.
**Hello, Moon!  Apr 2013 - Needs borders
 *It's a Hoot!  Apr 2013 - Flimsy
**Owl & Pussycat Book Tote  Apr 2013.
 *You Must Be Croaking  Mar 2013 - Frogs pieced
**Baby English 1.0   Feb-Apr 2013.
**5 Valentines  Jan-Feb 2013.
**Run, Kitty, Run!   Jan-Jul 2013.
**Hounds' Blues   Jan 2013.

2014 Projects - original plans at this post, 17/23 waiting to be finished
                 *(Taken from my NETY storage)   **(Completely from stash)   ***(Commission)

  **"I Stole the Baby!!" Dec 2014. Gift for Scott's office
  **Bonnie Hunter Grand Illusion Mystery (renamed: Starry Eyed over Grand Illusion) Nov - Flimsy
     Sew Spooky Oct  - half-quilted
    Wind in the Whiskers Oct  - current BOM rotation
  **Lily & Blake baby set Oct-Nov 2014.
    Leaded Glass Oct - Flimsy 
   *Garden Friends Oct - Flimsy
   *Saltbox Harvest Oct - Flimsy
    Devon & Kyle Sep - free motion quilting in progress
     Fireflies In the Meadow Aug 2014 - Mar 2015.
***Lori & Aliya Jul  2014 - June 2017.
    American Picnic Jun - kitted
    Fiesta Mexico Apr - long term hand-work tote project, on the sixth block
    Asian Garden Apr - big areas need joining
 **Baby Claridge  Mar-May 2014.
    Boomerang Mar - Flimsy
   *Sunshine Mar - kitted
     Anna's Mountains  Mar - washed/ironed
   *Simply Fun Feb - kitted
   *Raspberry Lemonade Feb - needs borders
     Bohemia Jan 2014 pieced, Jan 2018 quilted, finished Feb 8, 2018.
   *Faceted Jewels Jan - kitted
     String of Pearls Jan - Flimsy

2015 Projects, 14/30 waiting to be finished
                 *(Taken from my NETY storage)   **(Completely from stash)   ***(Commission, no purchases)

         Miss You, Love Mom 1/12 Dec 2015. Sent to Dev & Kyle
         Miss You, Love Mom 1/12 Dec 2015. My copy.
         Bonnie Hunter Allietare! Nov- flinsy
    *Reflections Nov- washed
***Miss Kitty - 3 Selvages Hotpads Oct. Henry Glass designer challenge
***Miss Kitty - Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty Oct. Henry Glass designer challenge
***Miss Kitty - Kitty Shuffle Sep-Oct. Henry Glass designer challenge
***Miss Kitty - Travel Shoe Bags Sep. Henry Glass designer challenge
***Miss Kitty - Receiving Blanket Sep. Henry Glass designer challenge
***Miss Kitty - Jaycee's Messenger Bag for Kelly Sep. Henry Glass designer challenge
  **Baby Craddock 1.0 The Adventure Begins Sep 2015.
    *Beachcomber Sep - kitted
***Miss Kitty - Kitty Titty Power Aug-Oct.  Henry Glass designer challenge
***Miss Kitty - Emma for Kelly  Aug. Henry Glass designer commission
    *Pick-A-B #3 - Renamed How Do You Take Your Tea Jul- flimsy, needs stitcheries
  **Scott's Air Force Retirement (was DOD Americana 2015) July 2015-March 2017. 
      Fire Island Hosta Apr - brand new kit untouched
      Five-in-a-Row Mar - Ordered some awesome blue for a charms pack I was given. washed
      Gray Square Scramble Mar - Have wanted to make this for at least a year; depression purchase.w ashed
      Spanish Tiles Mar - I've wanted to make this forever and "Petals and Plumes" was perfect for it; another depression purchase. washed
      Evening Stroll - Renamed Sunset Bears Mar - I need this in my powder room; yep - seriously getting emptying-nest blues!
  **Semper Fi, Combass Mar - Aug. stash-supplied except for Marines fabric    
      Parasol (I confess, I bought a kit that enchanted me) Mar - cutting.
    *Dove in the Window Mar - kitted
  **Firehouse 1 Feb - flimsy
    *Woodland Stars - Winter Fun Feb - kitted
  **Baekjul Boolgool Feb - Jan/16.  GIFTED TO MASTER JAY KUK LEE
    *Star Crazy Jan - in BOM rotation   
    *Tulip Garden (flannel) Jan - kitted; Apr 2018 - flimsy;    
      Fancy Me a Rainbow (Christmas fabric gift from Heather) Jan-Feb. 

2016 NEWFOs, 2/20 waiting to be finished
                 *(Taken from my NETY storage)   **(Completely from stash)   ***(Commission)  ^(gift to me)

***Tudor Outfit Father of the Groom   Nov-Dec. 
***Renaissance Gown Mother of the Groom  Oct.-Dec.   
***Tudor Groomsman Doublet, Shirt, and Pants - Tyler  Aug-Dec.    
***Tudor Groomsman Doublet, Shirt, and Pants - James  Aug-Dec.    
***Tudor Groomsman Doublet, Shirt, and Pants - Aaron  Aug-Dec.    
***Tudor Groomsman Doublet, Shirt, and Pants - Joseph  Aug-Dec.     
***Patrick's Groom's Outfit  Aug-Dec.    
***Tudor Outfit Father of the Bride  Aug-Dec.    
***Renaissance Gown & Overgown Mother of Bride Aug-Dec.    
***Heather's Wedding Gown!!  Aug- Dec.    
***Tudor Bridesmaid Dress - Macey  Aug-Sep.     
***Tudor Bridesmaid Dress - Devon  Jul-Sep.     
*** Tudor Bridesmaid Dress - Marissa  Jul-Sep.    
     What a Hoot, Marissa!  Apr-June.
        Safari Minky Stripes  Apr- 
        Fancy Forest  Mar  - kit I would regret always if I didn't get for later - Mar 2018.
***Lucy's Bo Peep for Helen  May-May.
    ^Lucy's Signature Quilt Top  Feb   A finished top, gifted from Helen for Bo Peep work
  **Miss You, Love Mom 2/12  Jan - Feb. Sent to Devon & Kyle
  **Miss You, Love Mom 2/12  Jan - Feb.  My copy

2017 NEWFOs, 13/26 waiting to be finished
                 *(Taken from my NETY storage)   **(Completely from stash)   ***(Commission)  ^(gift to me)

  *Trend's Neauvou Chenille sample book  (cut from book)Dec.
  ^It's a Silky Wool Flannel Autumn Kind of Day  (Heather gave me a woollies jelly roll. Flimsy.) Nov 
    Thankfulness 3  Nov.  (Half stash. Made to quilt first on the longarm to get practice for the others.)
    Thankfulness 2  Nov.  (Half stash. Made to thank the Heinz's for working on our road so much.)
    Thankfulness 1  Nov.  (Half stash. Made to thank Karen for taking Devon in.)
    Daisy Days Farmhouse Four-Patch  (Couldn't resist when Amy Smart blogged it)  (Flimsy) Sept
**Blueberry Crumb Cake in Argyle  (long-term leader/ender project) August
    Kindred Spirits  (Anne of Green Gables fabric collection) August 
**Kevin's Sapphire Stars Scrap Mystery, QOV for Sterling  July-Jan 2018.
**Pom-Pom Cats  (longarm practice) July.
**Flannel Bunny 2  (longarm practice) July. 
**Flannel Bunny 1  (longarm practice) July.
    Astrodelic  (Estes Park - Cottage Bliss visit) (kitted)  Jun
    Wildlife Trio  (Estes Park - Cottage Bliss visit) (flimsy)  Jun purchase, made in Jan 2018.
  *Wind & Waves  (kitted) Jun- 
  *Lavender Fields (was Sunshine & Shadow)  (kitted) Jun- 
 ^Ocracoke Vibes (was Isabella) [From the jelly roll that Free Spirit gave me for H2H]  (needs binding) Jun -  Jul.
    Seaside Town (Lynette Anderson BOM)  (on BOM rotation)   Jun - 
    Octopus Garden  (active in applique bag, on block 5)   Apr - 
  *Minky Stripes  (for H2H 2017, Camp Hobe)  Apr.
  *Secret Garden (was Big and Bold) (flimsy, stage 1) Apr - 
    Down the Rabbit Hole  (irresistible 2017 BOM from Sarah Fielke)  Mar
  *That Bad Boy  [This is the one I'd been cutting out on Veteran's Day 2011, when I sliced my finger badly and Scott had to take me to his Hurlburt Office to put stitches in. Half of the pieces got misplaced and were not found until this month's massive spring cleaning.]  (kitted) Nov 2011; Mar - 
  *Big Sister, Little Sister  Mar -  June.
  *Patchwork Party 2011 - Fall All Around (Flimsy) Mar - Nov.
    Who, What, Where  Feb.  (Scott's Valentine to get me back into my quilting)

2018 PROJECTS - 18/23 waiting to be finished
                 *(Taken from my NETY storage)   **(From stash)   ***(Commission)    ^(gift to me)
   *Winter Woodlands (kitted)  Jan
 **Color Bears 2018 BOM QAYG (Block 2 fused)  Jan
 **Classic Nutcrackers (hand applique w/embroidery) Jan
   *Primrose Pathways (kitted) Jan
    Sue Garman All Through the Night Jan
***Nicole's Mountains  (Birthday gift)  Jan - Feb. FINISHED
 **Mountains duplicate Jan
    Queen's Garden Esther Aliu 2018 BOM Feb
    Snowy Owls Throw Feb
***Night Watch (Requested by Scott)  Feb. FINISHED
   *Strawberry Hill (fabrics washed) Feb
    Surfer's Point (New kit that makes me think of Devon) Feb
    Amaya (New kit just because I love it) Feb
    Bunnies Throw  Feb
    Hedgehog Throw  Feb-Apr.
    From the Heart 2018 BOM (Hand applique w/embroidery)  Feb
    Forever My Valentine 2018 BOM (Pre-fused Applique)  Feb
 **Wonder Woman minis (set of 5 postcard size for Elm Street Quilts swap + gifts)  Mar.  FINISHED
    Water Reflections 3D multi-panel option (Remarkarble kit for my longarm room)  Mar
***Raven's Throne (requested by Scott) Mar
   *Thistle Pods (fabrics washed) Mar
   *Coraline (fabrics being washed) Apr
    Journey's End (Repro kit I loved at the LQS - kitted)  Apr


  1. bloody hell!!! and I thought my to do list was bad!!!

  2. How I can relate... and laugh! I can't bear to tally up my projects in waiting, I just keep some shelves in my stash that are basically untouchable because I bought them at some point for some project. I did start and finish 2 of them in the fall but some things are better left unknown!

  3. OMG I am just OCD enough & ADD that this would totally overwhelm me! I thought it was bad when had 23 UFO's. I do have a few kits and a couple of things in process & a couple needing binding[the last two I quilted this past week] hmmm what else oh I know my car quilt project and my selvedges. That is all I can cope with still stay sane.

  4. Oh Lynette, thank you for putting it out there so honestly. I bet I'd give you stiff competition... I know I have to tackle this and Tish's linky has only 2 days left. THANK YOU for voicing why I have only given away one old UFO and still have decades-old quilting cotton... Best of luck and I'll be cheering you on!

  5. Lynette, this is one of the most beautiful lists I have ever laid eyes on. Why? Because it is honest and it gives hope. There is nothing wrong with being honest with ourselves and making a list to show what we need to finish, want to make and what we could make. Look at all the things that are crossed off!!! I want to be just like you <3 I look forward to sewing with you this year and joining in on your 18 in 2018 as well!

  6. I've taken a different approach - kind of like Judy Laquidara use to do with her stash reports - just count what you've used and what you've added. So yes, I have a lot - not as many as Lynn, but I'm going to count only what I've worked on or what new project I've started. Let the New Year's quilting begin!


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