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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Whoopin' It Up - A New Christmas Flimsy: Laurel Burch Ornaments

Woohoo!  Since I finished my goals for the year in terms of completed quilts and assembled BOMs last Sunday, I pulled a fun Christmas kit out of my vast pool for a NewFO treat while I waited for Christmas Day to get here.

It was so easy, it went together very quickly. Even with the border cutting mistakes that I had to remedy.

The pattern calls for jumbo ricrac for the hanging strings, but I fell for this gimpy velvet stuff: 

I think it'll be pretty cool with the backing this quilt is getting.  (You have to use a pressing cloth with such things, or your iron will scorch them.)

I have yardage of this for the back:

But Scott is in *love* with fine-wale corduroy ever since I used some from my stash for those Scoot, Santa quilts. Wanted that over velvet or minky. Told him I'd have to order some, and that was fine by him. Being the 23rd, some Kaufman 21-wale black was on sale, with a bonus coupon on top of that AND free shipping. How could I pass that up?  :D

So, instead of being all pinned and half-way quilted by now, this flimsy is on hold while we wait for its back half to arrive.  It's gonna be pretty darn cool, I think.   

And now I need something to do with those fun reindeer in the trees. . . But first I'm playing with another NewFO from the storage pile - sneaking in some more Christmas fun before the New Year brings a return to the WIP lineup that I'm supposed to be focused on. ;D


I'm linking up at Whoop! Whoop! - thanks Sarah!


  1. congrats! that will be nice fabric for the back.
    check out the link and see how a friend of mine did some machine quilting on the same quilt.

  2. Beautiful! I so want too make a Christmas quilt. This is so cute!

  3. That is the loveliest Christmas quilt! I have such a large stash of Christmas fabrics...hmmm. Is there a pattern?

  4. Wowee... aren't you the fast piecer!? Love this ornament quilt, which looks big enough to wear. A pinwale corduroy backing will be interesting. Keep us posted on how that quilts and looks as a finish. I can only picture it for me with beige dog hair on it!

  5. This quilt is great! I have a pile of Christmas fabrics that sat untouched for yet another year this year.... I'm bookmarking this quilt because I think I could figure out how to put together ornament shapes (I hope) to finally use some of it up for next year! I love the velvet you chose in place of the ric rac. Great job on the sale fabric!! :-)

  6. I agree your choice is way better than ric-rac. Good going!

  7. Very pretty! I like the corduroy backing too. Let us know how that quilts.
    BTW, love the snow photos too. :)

  8. Corduroy backing sounds like a wonderful manly and sturdy way to do it!

    I love your ornament work!

  9. Great quilt Lynn, I love the reindeer fabric.

  10. It's gorgeous! I love the design, and that fine-wale corduroy is going to be the perfect back!! Whoop whoop!!

  11. Love it, Lynne! So bright and cheerful

  12. Wow... I love this! So festive and great fabrics.

  13. Curious how it goes using corduroy for backing!? Do you like it?

  14. Wow! You didn't let the grass grow under your feet when you started that new project! It's gorgeous. Love the colours. I'd never have thought of using a heavier fabric for the backing... can't wait to see it.


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