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Friday, November 4, 2011

Here's to Quilt Hubbies!

I'm excited that Scott is coming home tomorrow after being gone for TDY all week. Between thinking about him almost being back and Elaine's response to my comment, I figured it was a good time to write this post. Besides, the one experience needs to be journaled so we can keep laughing at me.  ;D

Scott on TDY in Denver - 1 Nov 2011
Aren't quilt hubbies the BEST? 

You know, the ones who are sitting way over there ~~~> and overhear you muttering about the light because one of the bulbs on the overhead fan is out, but you're too intensely into your stitching to stop to do anything about it, and they suddenly show up with a bulb and change it for you? That was cool.

And the ones who understand why, so they don't complain about stopping in Paducah on the 12-hour drive home from St. Louis so you can drool over ALL THAT FABRIC and take some home, and instead of complaining that you're not actually saving anything, he surprisingly says, "this one would be really cool in a quilt. . . " and brings it to the table.

What I was looking at in Niceville
 when he texted that photo
And the one who, when you're literally spurting a river of blood like Lara Croft after she's grabbed that knife by the blade, doesn't blink an eye when you say "We can't go yet! There's blood on the fabric!", but whips that fabric up off the table, calling out "Cold water, right!??" as he rushes to the bathroom to wash it out.

LOLz. Yes. I stole last Veteran's Day from him. My poor man is an Air Force doctor who works an average of 75 hours a week without overtime or comp time. The previous Veteran's Day, he was in Afghanistan living in not happy circumstances. 2010 Veteran's Day comes, and he is back at home with his family and actually has a rare true day off. He's happily kicked back at his computer game, I'm happily watching a movie and flying through the cutting for a project I was really eager to get started on. . . 

The blade jumped the edge of the ruler!  

Most of it was on the fabric - 
I've spared you the *real* blood pics!
Let me tell you: you do not want to fly through cutting for quilts!! Scott later told me the most amazing thing was that no foul words flew. He heard "Oh this is bad" as I launched for the kitchen. The instant splotches of blood told him stitches were definitely required. 

We're 40 minutes from the base. I held a clean towel pressed around my left index finger the entire time, but it was still dribbling a stream into the bowl when we got to the gate. The young kid on guard duty looked absolutely bored - undoubtedly miffed because his buddies were surely all kicking it up having a good time for the holiday while he had to stand post. I realized I had a problem - couldn't let go to get my ID for him. I leaned over to meet his eyes and show him my injury, saying "I'm so sorry, but could you get my ID for me or let him do it?"  True to a 20yo guy, he lights up like his day just got made when he sees the blood and asks if we're sure we don't need an ER (Hurlburt doesn't have one). Scott assured him he just needed the clinic procedure room, so he let us through. 

So we go in and Scott gets everything set up. I tell him it's too bad it's a day off or his coworkers and he could have a good ol' time making fun of me. 

It turned out to be entertaining enough, because our 17yo came with us, and she could not stop snapping pictures with my phone! 

(I'll be nice and spare you most of them - Kelly can testify that they're pretty disgusting!)

First you gotta wash it out. Then you gotta figure out if you really need a hand surgeon because that cut is as deep as the blade's span from the rotary handle (I was using the big one). Scott said I only just missed cutting the tendon, so he could stitch it himself. 

So here's the caterpillar I got to live with for two weeks. The slice went obliquely about a half inch deep to the bone.

You gotta watch out for those rotary cutters!! 

He was really cool and used the Gator-Blue thread for me. AND Gator-Blue compression tape when he wrapped it and put a fingerboard on to keep me from pulling any stitches out. What a guy!  :D

Can you guess how freaked out I was few months later while I was watching my friends' teens like a hawk as they cut strips for their mother's quilt? (It's the one in the last post)

Looking at my finger now, he did a really great job. The scar is minimal from what happened, and all the feeling is back along the whole stretch. I really wondered if it was all going to reconnect properly, but it did. 

Scott never complained that day about having to drop his holiday and go back to work to put stitches in my finger. But if he's home on a weekend day, and I pick up my rotary, he flashes that Cheshire Cat grin and asks, "Are you going to steal my day off?"  ::sigh::

The coolest thing when we got home: Scott had not only washed the blood out of the fabric for me, but he had done so in a way that didn't mess up the strips! and had hung them carefully so they didn't get all scrunched. What a quilt hubby!!

Oh!  And I can't show you pictures of the quilt, because I never have felt a desire to work on it again! Maybe I'll pull that Bad Boy out next week for this year's Veteran's Day. . . seems apropos. ;D


  1. What a great post! Love it nearly as much as you and your hubby love each other.

  2. Awww!!! I love this post! As a former Army nurse, I couldn't help but chuckle at the description of the guard on duty and his reaction!

    And yowzer...I have yet to take a good chuck out of my hands and fingers. Just nicks here and there. YIKES!

  3. What a man!! your hubby is for sure a good quilting hubby. I have not cut myself that badly but I have taken some good nicks - never needed stitches - yet. My hubby is a lot like yours for being appreciate of the art of quilting - but I'm afraid at the sight of the blood he would have been a little out of his depth.
    Tell your hubby thank you from us for the service to his country - my DH served in the Navy for 9 years back in the 1970's and we know what the separation is like in a family- our son in law was Air Force for a quite a few years but got out 5 years ago - the separation can be trying we know.

  4. Aww what a keeper! A military man, a doctor and such a lovely husband, I hope you are spoiling him too!!!

  5. Sounds like you definitely have a keeper.

    Be good to him....smile.

  6. Awww, my sympathies are with you re. your cut finger. I have a scar just a little further up - same accident, same culprit.
    So easily done with a rotary cutter.
    Your hubby sounds like a gem !! :)

  7. Oh no! I am glad you healed well. I am dreading the day that I really cut myself with my rotary as I am horribly accident-prone. What a great guy to get you all stitched up (and make sure the fabric didn't become a casualty!).

  8. Yucky accident, poor finger, great hubby!! :)

  9. Quilt hubbies are THE BEST ... mine is an engineer, currently working as a SAFETY engineer. He has his eye on the rotary cutter and keeps saying he is going to get me a mesh glove to wear. (Also reminds me to never wear open toe sandals in case the open cutter falls and hits my foot).

    What would we do without our guys?!?!???!??!?

  10. Yikes, what a horrible gash--a good reminder to be more careful (I know I've come close). Glad it healed so well! Lucky you--A wonderful husband, and properly trained in quilt fabric care!!

  11. Huy deseo pronta recuperación y que bien contar con un lindo esposo, saludos.

  12. Quite a story, your hubby sounds very collected and practical.

  13. You're so lucky to have him near you
    Those rotary cutter cuts are scary and i think that i sometimes forgot it and use it careles. Thanks to make remember.
    Have a nice sunday

  14. What a great hubby! It isn't funny you cut yourself, but to be injured on Veteran's Day is kind of ironic. I've never cut myself seriously, but I did sew through a finger once so I understand your pain!

  15. I didn't have stitches, but my stomach turned when I saw your post because it reminded me....I've been close to that! Too close for comfort. Blood everywhere!! Glad you have good resources available to you and that it has healed well too.

  16. That's about the nicest horible story I have ever read. I am of the "Old school" and use scissors for cutting. Oh yes, it is slow and I have to mark each piece, and sometimes the husband uses them for other purposes and messes them up, but they are fairly safe and accurate enough for my purposes.

  17. Whoa. Thanks for sharing this post with me.. It makes my cut look like a little sissy cut. lol Although the throbbing and dripping blood did happen, just not as much as yours, I'm thinking. Your husband sounds like a STAR! :) xo


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