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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Mid-Week Makings

I don't usually do WIP posts anymore, but since I caught up last weekend's BOM work on Tuesday and forgot to edit that in, I thought I'd pop my head in this way for a change. 

Those 100 "diagonals" patches are finished, and all the Bag 1 and Bag 2 pieces are connected.  :)  They'll hang out up there until next month's work for Sage & Sea Glass.

Normally I only do priority work M-F (which is whatever project is up on my UFO knock-down list) and my evening TV-time hand stitching. Right now, that is:

Putting together the "Collection for a Cause - Heritage" top from the 2008 kit I'd bought. This one takes longer to do than tops usually take, because I'd decided to place the fabrics the same as the original 1830-1846 quilt. I mean, if you're going to buy fabric that was meticulously reproduced specifically for that quilt, and the entire reason you bought the set was to make the reproduction quilt, wouldn't you do that with the placement? 

But it does mean you can't just random-scrap assemble, and the practicalities of this household preclude laying this large set out on the floor and then grid-assembling. 

I had printed out a photo of the quilt back when I got everything started and made the pinwheels in 2008. Fortunately, everything was in the box, still organized. I'm slightly over 1/2 finished on this top. The first half is hanging out on the piano while it waits for its complement to be made.

These colors are not floating my boat, but I have to admit that it's mighty nice to have a break from  all the blue/green quilts I've been working on for months.

I noticed yesterday that on-point setting no longer phases me the least. It used to feel tricky and a little challenging to me years ago. I remember it being quite daunting, in fact. 

Like curved seams and Y-seams, though, once you've done a lot of it, it's Easy-Breezy from there out.

When I finish this up in about a week, I'll move onto my next-in-line longarming UFO. I still don't have enough energy recovered to do both that and patchwork in the same day. Someday I hope to be back to my former full work capacity!

Evening sit-and-stitch at the TV with Scott continues to include cutting out bird bodies and wings for the Heather & Patrick temperature quilt. I can just about see the end of the set! It will be 1460 bird parts when I finally finish. I still have to trace out the last 5 colors. (32 in all)

I just have one set of dots to run through my Perfect Circles for those to be ready for assembly attention at next weekend's BOM session.

AND - !  My brand-new Grandma labels arrived yesterday!!  Now I can stitch one onto this luscious little Cuddle blanket that I threw together for our very first grandbaby, due this fall!!

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