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Thursday, April 1, 2021

Finish Report! ~ Scott's "Morning Stroll" ~

I get caught up with actual quilting work and forget to do my finish posts!  Last week I finished the second of the pair of row quilts for my husband to take to his office:

"Morning Stroll," designed by Marie Noah.
  42.5 x 14 inches, single layer Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 batting

I wanted the quilting of the sky to feel like morning waking up with the sun coming over the mountains, so dramatic rays and a few clouds for interest were the order of the day.

These quilts all have block patchwork integrated into the design, and this one gave me fits trying to figure out how to do the detail quilting I like to do in those areas. At first, I was planning to quilt it in the mountain/center/lake-and-ground layers. But it wasn't floating my boat very well. 

Then my mind went back to the moon motif detailing in the patchwork of the first Marie Noah row quilt I did for Scott (Night Watch), which inspired me to do something on the entire pieced area that echoed the idea of morning sunshine bursting onto the world. 

I'm giving all of these row quilts the same outer border motif with the oak-leaf inspired free-motion work, and like the moose quilt, I let the main characters (bear in this case), give me an idea for the mini border. So these guys got a continuous line of fish for breakfast!

I forgot to snap a shot of the label. Most often, I make a text box in Word so I can print something out on prepped fabric. Sometimes I'll put in a coordinating picture, and I did that with this one. You can see that I note the contribution of other people on my labels, in this case the design being somebody else's. My early quilts' labels included the name of the quilter if I sent them out for longarming. It's important to do this.

I really love these designs. When Scott came home the day he took it in and put it up, he told me he had a 90yo woman in the office who thoroughly enjoyed the 4 Marie Noah row quilts and the 4 other mini quilts of my own designs that he has up in the rooms there. She asked if she could see the others in the room she wasn't in, and asked him to make sure to tell me how much she loved them. She noticed little details on her own, like those fish in the mini border. That was neat to hear.  :)   

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  1. Congratulations on finishing another of these lovely quilts! It's great that other people are able to see and enjoy them in your husband's office, too. The quilting you've done is perfect, too -- I love how you've added detail to the scenes, like the sun's rays breaking through the clouds on this last one. Beautiful!

  2. Really wonderful! How great that your husband has your quilts in his office!

  3. What a beautiful finish! How cool they are hanging in your husband’s offices - and that he reports the lovely comments back to you.


  4. You did a beautiful job with that quilt!! SEW nice to hear that someone has already taken notice of your work.

  5. This is awesome! I love the way you merged the traditional block into the scene.

  6. This row quilt is so nice, and must look especially good in Scott's office with the other quilts you've made. Didn't that 90 year-old woman's comments just make your day?! That's the best compliment you could get - when she asked to see quilts in other rooms. Wonderful! I agree that it's extremely important to label quilts, and I often include much more information than necessary. Having moved twice in my quiltmaking years, I also am sure to add city/state to labels. And, my maiden name with my married name.

  7. Superb - but that label is EVERYTHING!!

  8. This wall hanging is absolutely gorgeous...you should be very proud of it.


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