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Sunday, February 14, 2021

BOMs Away - and ~ Flimsy Alert!~ Forever My Valentine on a cold, coooold day!

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Happy Valentine's Day.  :)

This turned out to be the absolutely most-perfect day to put this flimsy together - both for theme and for weather! 

The flannel fabrics helped warm my finger and legs while it was all of TEN DEGREES BELOW ZERO while I was working. In-house is a cool 63 degrees despite both fires going. I suppose I could have cranked the register up to 95, but we decided not to. Sweaters, socks, and quilts, Baby!

That super-freeze I was "complaining" about missing out on last week? It's here now!

This was a kitted Block-of-the-Month, designed and sold by Shabby Fabrics. I started it in February 2018. It's 59-1/2 inches square.

Our high today was all of -1 Fahrenheit while I was stitching up the next eight temperature dots. 

And partly because now I had enough dots for it, I'd finished stitching the "year block" during TV yesterday, and because now my BOM board looks So. Very. Bare. with the Valentine blocks gone, I put together the first two rows of my 2021 Temperature Quilt:

(It's still super bare on the whole right portion!)

During lunch, when I looked out at the bird feeder zone, I couldn't figure out what kind of drab-looking robin type bird was nesting in the snow underneath and occasionally drumming up seed from the ground. . .  

(An uncredited photo from Audubon.) I was seeing this big puffball from the top as it was nestled in a hole in the 4-5" of snow that it had carved out.

But it turned out to be one of our adorable little juncos all super-puffed for the polar cold! Good thing they're winter-lovers to start with.

Normally they're petite little things, much smaller than the robin, and you would never mistake them for each other.  I put the photo of the robin above the junco, with them sized to show you the approximate difference in the bird sizes.

Yesterday we had several groups of deer, and one lone buck, come through to suck at the bird feeders - I'm sure they sensed bad weather and wanted to stock up. We haven't seen any of them today. They undoubtedly stayed hunkered down together to keep warm!

So, anyway! I hope you are warm, wherever you are!


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  1. Your Valentine quilt is beautiful! Flannel was a great fabric to be working with in such a cold snap. Your temperature quilt is going to be interesting to see when we get into the warmer months. The cold temperatures just add more variety of color. Happy stitching!

  2. Those feathered stars are divine, and your temperature quilt will be beautiful!

  3. Hi Lynette, what a wonderful Heart quilt. I love those gorgeous colours! Thanks for sharing your wildlife pictures. Stay warm and take care.


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