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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

WIP Wed - Listen to the Forest

Happy times at my place this week  :)

I've finished the latest two sets of checkerboards for my Listen with Your Eyes UFO, and that makes me smile, as these are intense. They're quite large - the purple/pink side is almost a yard long. This is one of my 18 in 2018 items.

Haha! I couldn't resist the face when I took the latest sets upstairs.

Two sets of checkerboards remain, but that's for April. My domestic machine will now go to work on my Elm Street Quilts postcard swap item. I'm excited about the design that finally came to me for my partner's cue word, and really happy for the "need" to do it in duplicate to test out how I will construct it - I'll get to keep whichever is the cast-off!

At the longarm, I'm chipping away at the background work on my Fancy Forest while I wait for the pantos to arrive for Becky's and Dolly's quilts. I just passed the half-way point. I think 4 more passes will do it. Each pass takes almost an hour. Maaaaybe this UFO will be completely finished by month's end, and off my 18 in 2018 list!

Love it.  :)

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  1. wow, wow, wow!!

    love to see all your works in progress!
    thanks so much for linking up!


  2. I love the face picture! That made me laugh, I needed that. I can't help but get excited as you make progress on this quilt, because in the back of my head I'm thinking, she's going to rock it with all kinds of crazy quilting when she's done. Then I kind of laugh like a mad scientist in anticipation :) And why do I think you will do that??? Because look at your Fancy Forest Quilt! It's amazing!

  3. Listen with Your Eyes looks stunning already! The face picture made me smile too. Your can't go wrong with that inspiration for your postcard project. The quilting on the Fancy Forest looks amazing! Love all the added details.


  4. The quilting on your Fancy Forest is amazing!!

  5. What an awesome design in that face! I love the Forest quilt soooo much!

  6. Listen with Your Eyes continues to amaze me every time you post about it! So much painstaking detail. Awesome!

  7. LOL, I love the happy face! That is going to be such a dramatic quilt. I still love the one on your frame. You are rocking the woodgrain!

  8. Your quilting is gorgeous! And your quilty smily face made me smile. Thanks!

  9. Lots of fun and colour at your place. Love the look of your Fancy Forest. Looking forward to the big reveal. Thanks for linking to Sew, Stitch, Snap, SHARE.

  10. Those blocks look intense! Until you lay them in the shape of a happy face... Hahaha! Nice work on the quilting for the Fancy Forest. The wood grain suits it so well!

  11. Listen with Your Eyes is beautiful! The colors just glow! Fancy Forest is lovely. Looking forward to seeing it all quilted.

  12. Listen With Your Eyes is gorgeous, and your Fancy Forest is looking really good, too! I'm curious -- when you get those new pantos in, can you just load them up and go, or do you need to practice each pantograph first? I thought pantos would be so much easier than free hand, but that has not been my experience thus far... :-)

  13. Your Fancy Forest is stunning as are your checkerboard blocks.

  14. Very pretty stars! I don't think I could resist the happy face either. :D Nice!

  15. The quilting on Fancy Forest is so pretty! That is a very tight panto, no wonder it is taking so long for one pass - but the result is well worth it! xx

  16. Your quilting is amazing. Custom work really takes a long long time.

    YOur Listen with your Eyes quilt is to die for! I want one.

  17. Two fabulous projects - your 'face' work is going to be so beautiful and your Fancy Forest also is stunning. I really like the quilting you have chosen on it :-) [Visiting from Sew Stitch Snap and Share].


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