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Friday, August 4, 2017

Update on progress for the 17 in 2017 Challenge

I have not been consistent at all in blogging my 17 in 2017 UFO progress. I'm intending to get back on schedule with those monthly linkies, as it really helps me refrain from shoving less-favorite and non-priority projects back into long term storage.

At the beginning of the year, I'd listed 17 particular UFOs for attention this year - some intended to be finished completely, others just "required" to be moved along to the next significant stage. 

So far I've scored 9 projects off of the list, but only two were reported to the challenge:

#1 - "Tootsie & Rumples" - completely finished.  :)

#2 - "Scott's Air Force Retirement Quilt" - from part way quilted to complete finish
(it's huge!)

#3 - "You Must Be Croaking" - from partial blocks to full flimsy status:

#4 - "Stepping Stones" - from 8 units paper pieced to all 72 paper pieced:

#5 - "Frog Lily for Marissa" - borders all on:

I took this with me to Estes Park for my personal quilt retreat during Scott's
conference classes.

#6 - "Lori & Aliya" - all finished, and this fantastic girl needs a photo op!!

#7 - "Star Crazy" - all of the blocks are made now, here's the last set:

#8 - "Set Sail" - all those geese made and border on:
(she's a king size!)

and last, but not least:

#9 - "Fall All Around" - full flimsy status, going on the longarm today!
(she's a queen size)

I'm planning on tackling the trapunto work for the Mermaid UFO next, but first I'm quilting up this last one, as I really, REALLY want to get the practice on lining things up before putting "Set Sail" on the longarm so I can get that quilt on my bed before August is finished.

Thank you to Meredithe and Anne for hosting this challenge!!

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Meredithe and Anne's 17 in 2017


  1. Wow! You are doing great on your 17! Your quilts are gorgeous.

  2. A wow from me too! You have got such a lot done. I love the variety in your projects but wonder how you decide which one to work on each time. Also, great photo of the airforce quilt. :-)

  3. I am loving your projects especially the frog quilt. I've got to find that pattern...you know, so I can have more UFO's! LOL!!

  4. Your quilts are so beautiful! How wonderful you are making such good progress and are getting them to the be quilted stage. Congratulation!

  5. Wow, what a lot of progress on a fun bunch of quilts! So much variety! I especially like the photo-shoot with the airforce quilt. What a great way to show it off!


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