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Sunday, August 13, 2017

BOMs Away - "Down the Rabbit Hole" in earnest, and an easy applique prepping tip

Welcome to the link-up for BOMs Away Mondays!
Where we share what we're doing on a BOM-type project 
so they don't stall out in UFO-land!
(Linky at the bottom.)

I made good headway on the catch-up work of this project.

First I finished all the leaves, got that first stop-border sewn on, trimmed out all the large areas of backgound behind the applique, and got my middle rabbit circle appliqued down:

That finishes all the Part 3 work.  :D

And then I got a huge chunk of Part 4 squared away:

All the rows of houses are sewn together, and I made the windows and rabbit applique that I wanted. They're all ready to be stitched down.

(Yes, if you're familiar with Sarah Fielke's project, I've done these with a different technique than her plan calls for. I pieced whole blocks for each house into a long line, pressed under the roof lines, and then appliqued the roofs onto the background fabric. I cut away the background behind the houses and pinned the rows onto fresh strips of blank newsprint paper for stabilizer when I stitch the windows down.)

Those windows are 1/2" squares. I had anticipated that they'd give me trouble and get all wiggly since they're a little bit small. But they were a SNAP!

Applique Prepping Tip for small squares:

The big secret for easy handling and nice, straight and even edges is a hefty dose of starch.

All I did was cut out 1" strips from some scraps of cloud sky fabric, then I starched and pressed those twice, so that they had a feel that was almost like a stiff paper. 

At that point, it was super easy to fold over 1/4" along each long edge and iron those down. There was no difficulty with wriggling thin strips or wavy edges as I pressed.

See how nice and straight it works up?  After that, I cut these strips into 1" segments. 

To turn those into the squares, I did not actually need my handy applique-pointer pressing tool, because the stiffness of the fabric let me finger-press the sides under to make the final square. I just gave those a last press with my little craft iron, and they were ready for a dot of glue and a push into place.

I'm a little tired of houses at the moment, so we'll just let this glue dry overnight and I'll start stitching windows down this week as I get free time.

But what about you?! Did you get some BOM work done recently?

Kate over at Katie Mae Quilts has joined me in hosting this meet-up,
and linking up from either end puts you on the party at both sides.


  1. Oh my goodness, those windows are sooooo tiny. But they are quite effective in the quilt. Keep going. They are looking good.

  2. clever! I wish I had thought of appliquéing the roof :)


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