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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Pets on Quilts 2017 - Cats with ATTITUDE on quilts (entry 2)

"You may NOT take this quilt!"

Isabeau is a funny girl. She's a ragdoll kitty, but she was born with a crooked eye, so she's super neurotic and won't let anyone touch her. Or even look at her. 

But boy, does she love this quilt. (Good thing for her, it's Scott's and lives here at the house.) Any time it is laying out she wants on it. (This quilt's story was posted here.)

Clara wanted on it, too, but was only allowed to squeeze onto an edge.

Navarre, for once, left off with pestering Isabeau about something she wanted to claim, and he waited for the next priority project.

"Why are there only DOGS? Where are the MEs?"

Although, guess who decided she wanted this quilt, too?!

(That quilt was featured in my other Pets on Quilts entry, posted here.)

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  1. There she is! I was wondering why we didn't get a glimpse of the little princess in the other post, she's so gorgeous and I guess she knows it :)

  2. What a gorgeous kitty! She certainly knows where she belongs on her little quilting throne there.

  3. Love your quilts and love your cats. Yes, even with cattitude she are beautiful and she knows it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your quilts are gorgeous!!! Your helper is such a sweetie!!

  5. A Rag doll kitty is on my wish list. 😊

  6. Isabeau is gorgeous!! That's a great photo of her all snuggled up in the quilt. Clara and Navarre look sleek and sassy :)

    I'm glad I found your blog thru Pets on Quilts. I just signed up to follow via email. To answer your latest post, yes I have an ongoing leader/ender project. I keep scrap strips in 1.5" and 2.5" widths, and sew similar colors together end to end to make longer strips. There's a pile next to my machine. I like the idea of doing the same thing with crumbs, hmmm.

    Did you get to see the eclipse?

  7. Love your kitties. Do you know that Navarre (Navarra) is a place in the North of Spain? Thsnk you for visiting me

  8. Love your kitties. Do you know that Navarre (Navarra) is a place in the North of Spain? Thsnk you for visiting me

  9. Isabeau definitely has the "back off" look perfected--lol!

  10. Lynette, your kitties are all beauties! I love the video of your ragdoll Isabeau "kneading" Your AirForce quilt is amazing.
    Thanks for visiting my girls 😸😸

  11. Amazing quilt and beautiful cats!!

  12. All of your kitties are so pretty. I sympathize with your "kneady" cat laying claim to a quilt, Thomas keeps doing the same!



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