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Sunday, July 12, 2015

BOMs Away - Star Crazy, DOD Americana, & a New Household Friend

Welcome to the Link-Up for BOMs Away Mondays!
We'd love to see the BOM you're working on lately.
This week's link-up is at the bottom of the post.

Hi! Today I worked on my Star Crazy BOM. I got the Month 3 blocks sewn, 

along with the extra HSTs for the border work later on.

I also did all the HSTs for Month 4, so maybe I'll get 2 months of blocks finished in August.

Then I put together the first of my fireworks blocks for the DOD Americana BOM. Yes . . . I did, indeed, let myself get sucked into another BOM. But we've been an active duty Air Force family for 26 years, and I haven't yet made an Americana quilt other than the Quilts of Valor that I've sent away, so don't you think it was appropriate that I cave in to this one?  ;D

By the way, this just barely started, so you can get in on it also, and she's also running a nice spring-time BOM as well. This is one of those set-ups where you get the emerging patterns for free each month if you show that you made the block in the month the pattern came out. Later on, you can buy the patterns.

And. . . just for giggles: Meet our new household friend. He seems to be named "Wally" now.
How can you not smile at that?  (Yes, the mouth was Sharpied onto the label.) Penney's was having a most excellent sale yesterday, and our old one smokes when you use it.


So, did you get any work done on your BOMs?  Go ahead and share so we can keep each other motivated to keep them from stalling out.  :D


  1. Wally is great! Your Americana star is beautiful.

  2. You ARE a BOM! :-) You're impressively wrapped up in BOMs aren't you? The Americana one will definitely suit you and your family. As for the little Wally... is that a mixer? I don't know. We sure don't have any kitchen appliance that looks like that!

  3. I love you funny friend Wally, love to have one too!!
    You have been very busy with all those beautiful blocks.

  4. Nice to see you back in BOM mode, I guess things are calming down a bit or as much as possible :).

  5. Just noticed your wonderful new Avatar!
    Had to laugh when I read you have started a new BOM ;-)
    It does look tempting!!

  6. Literally! What a hoot! LOL Love the mixer with the smile! I can't wait to see your Americana quilt completed! I wasn't sucked in, but, was so close!

  7. Love wally! that fireworks block is great, i can see why you wanted to make it!

  8. Whenever a BOM comes along that interests me, I'm knee deep in other projects! Sometimes I save them and get to them eventually. But usually there are so many items on the to do list ahead of them, it's just wishful thinking. I'm loving all of your BOMs! And that mixer IS a hoot!

  9. Sorry I missed your linky this week. I was away on Monday. But hay, it is still open so maybe I will.

    I made Star Crazy the year she released the pattern on "The Quilt Show". I LOVE it! It is still not quilted though.

  10. Love your blocks, especially that last star! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Your work looks so great Deana!
    I'm doing Americana too... who could resist?!!!
    Only I have not sewn my blocks yet... prewashing the fabric as I type.

  12. Man... what a dummy... I had Deana in my mind, but meant to type your name Lyn. So sorry for the brain fog moment.

  13. Love the firework block, and Wally's brilliant!


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