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Sunday, July 19, 2015

BOMs Away - Americana & Belt Day!

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How was your weekend? Mine was fun. We had our next belt test on Saturday - we're at brown belt now, with Devon one cycle higher at brown senior. 

We were approved to sponsor one of the incoming cadets at the Air Force Academy. That means we can take him off base with us if he has liberty (free time) approved. He's in basic training right now, and they get the one day of liberty if they have a sponsor. So we checked him out for Doolie Day Out, and he came to our testing with us.  Fun thing - his name sparked a question from me that I couldn't resist, and he grinned and told me, yes he is actually related to the creator of Star Trek. His grandfather was Gene's cousin. Bunch of nerds in our family, so we loved that trivia of his. Sure was soothing to have him with us all day while we miss our own young military man - particularly this week after the attack that killed 4 Marines and a Navy man on home soil stunned us all.

That hit to the equilibrium also made me dump my regular schedule for BOM work. Instead of working on Garden Friends, I focused on my patriotic project and finished the rest of the paper-pieced fireworks blocks for the Americana QAL.

I had fun playing with the various scraps in my bin for these. I had lots of those dark blue scraps, so I could keep the sky pieces the same for some uniformity, while all the other parts vary for each block. 


Did you work on your BOMs?  Go ahead and share so we can keep each other motivated to keep them from stalling out.  :D


  1. Wow, braun belt!!
    Your stars are real firework!!.

  2. Congratulations to you all for passing your tests and becoming brown belts. How awesome that you are sponsoring that young man! I didn't know about that program. Your quilt is coming out beautifully! Hope you have a fun and productive week! XO

  3. Congratulations on the belt but mostly on sponsoring that boy, I'm sure you guys showed him a fun day and a chance to relax a bit.

  4. Congrats on the brown belt! Love your fireworks :)

  5. How wonderful of you all to sponsor a cadet! KUDOS! Your fireworks truly look like the real thing! Love the dark blue background for the sky too!

  6. Love the fireworks blocks. So much news...brown belts and cadet-sitting! Very fun.

  7. Getting away to my sponsor's house, or those of my friends, was a life-saver as a doolie! Thanks for supporting the cadets. Love those Americana Quilt blocks!

  8. How fun to sponser a cadet. I don't know a lot about military family life, but it sounds like a positive thing. I need to get outside of my box and invite more guests into my home. I am selfish and love my alone time in the sewing room.

    I love that you used scraps for your stars. It will give your row so much charm.

  9. It's so good to see your family involved in a shared activity, and even more reassuring to know you're up to participating in all of it yourself! Feel good! How neat that you're supporting a cadet. I'm sure he's beginning to appreciate what a great family he hooked up with. I too feel the devastation of the Chattanooga attack, and wonder what's happening in the US. I miss the days of innocence. It's wonderful that your "therapy" is working on your Americana quilt. Bless you.


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