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Monday, December 16, 2013

NewFO Dreamings for 2014

(Today's BOMs Away Monday is here):    

2014 NewFO Challenge

Oh, goody!!  Barbara is running her NewFO program once again for 2014. She's having a giveaway this week for linking up your plans - however specific or vague they may be! 
I have found this "program" to be invaluable for pulling long-stored kits out of my stash closet and at least getting them started. 2013 saw several flimsies accomplished that way, but I figure any bit of work (even just washing/ironing/cutting) is a step closer to a finish eventually, so it's all good. And it gives me something new to look at once a month while my "real" quilt work of the moment focuses on the next finish-up.

Some folks would think my working style is frenetic, and honestly, my modus operandi will greatly change once I complete my crazy quest to finish every single kit on my insane NETY list. For now, this system pulls the greatest amount of productivity out of my attention span, so it's the way I roll.  ;D

Going through my storage, here is a game plan of projects to pull out and get started over the next year, with two "new" allowances so I don't go stark raving mad:


This first one is a newbie - a modern quilting kit I purchased for comfort when my Koko died in November. This is Christa's kit for the "String of Pearls" quilt, and I just love it. I intend to use its quilting as a means to get a certain kind of motif into my muscle memory before I attack my Rainbow Jane quilting.


Let's start "Batik1 - Simply Fun" - looks like decent colors to see that month.  :)


"Tulip Garden" - a flannel kit - would be nice this month, as it's still cooold here when I'm used to it being full-on spring back in Florida. . .

We need something DRAMATIC and COLORFUL on the year's lineup. Let's cave for the absolutely spectacular, hot and fiery, "Fiesta Mexico" by Karen Buckley. It'll be the other new kit for the year - everything else is ages (even eons) old.



How about "Coraline"?


By this point, I'm sure I'll be wanting to move back into more modern styles, so let's do something with the Bliss layer cake and accompanying yardage. Maybe a Swoon (which was flying around Blogland when I bought this bundle), or a modern Dresden? or a Twister? Or some other kick that comes along during the upcoming year...


High time to say: "Let's Take Amy Clamming!"  (You'll see what's happening here - it's gonna be cool!)


Don't need a birthday shopping bash this year, as I'll get to stash-supplement at this time for Top Secret #2.  So let's try again with the Medieval Illumination quilt project. I'd wanted to pull it for one of last year's NewFOs, but half the stuff remains unlocated after our move here to Colorado. I'm thinking a complete overhaul of the storage room and making sure no quilt boxes are lurking in the garage shelving should do the trick!


Let's play with the "Valley of the Kings" fabric set!


This will be a great time of year for "Saltbox Harvest"


Another retry due to moving glitches!  "That Bad Boy" ... the project with a story that I wanted to do up this past November, but I couldn't find the kit box.

Are there any holiday kits left back there?  Oh!  Let's do something with the Kate Spain "Flurry" pack:


That's my plan for allowing myself 2 brand new projects and jump-starting 10 long-stored kits that would otherwise languish away untouched for yet another year. . . Perhaps a few of them will actually make it to flimsy status before being re-stored!  These never get priority for the month's work - they're used as a breather from the projects I put my real push on, the ones I make a concerted drive to finish up, as well as my BOM work.  You kinda have to be around to understand how it all fits together and works in a marvelous way. It's been fun seeing my husband really enjoy the flow of change that trickles around the "real" finishing work, and then get enthusiastic about the next finish point and getting to help with the accompanying photo-op. Apparently he talks about my quilting at work, because he brings me back little suggestions or questions from patients and coworkers. And that makes me smile that he takes my work so seriously even though it's not a paid job.


  1. I love this! I may get it together enough to jump on for 2014. ~Melanie :)

  2. Looks like you are going to have a fun year!

  3. What a plan! I love how you are doing this!

  4. I work much the same way Lyn :*) I have projects that I want to work on until I finish - my focus is one them. But I also need new starts to keep me enthused and excited, plus I need to have a sense that I am also tackling those UFO's. It may seem frenetic to some, but it keeps me happy :*) You've got some wonderful projects here! I even saw one that I might incorporate for one of my projects :*) See you at Cat Patches each month!

  5. Looks like you are going to have a busy but fun year ahead!

  6. Looks like a lot of fun and I know the feeling on long stored kits. Have fun this year.

  7. Lots of pretty projects here. I especially like the first one. I made a similar quilt once, and it turned out so pretty.

  8. Quite a lineup! I admire all your fabric bundles.. And I am liking your festive blogger berries:-)

  9. Oooh! That Valley of the Kings has my interest! Your list is a great one. Lots of fun things ahead!

  10. Those are some big projects and loved the story behind your November selection. That quilt will need to get some type of "caterpiller" stylized quilting I hope to continue it's path.
    With your August besides doing the project sounds like you'll be overhauling your studio and storage- that should count as 2 months at least! Merry Christmas. Jane


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