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Friday, June 24, 2011

What the heck? (and a couple little finishes)

So, the last few days needles have been breaking inexplicably while I've been quilting or sewing.  This morning, after about 12 inches, I found out why:

The needle-holder-thingy just disintegrated! What the heck??!  Nobody uses this machine but me, and it's not been abused at all. I've only had it since February. Methinks the part was defective.

So, Sapphira and I will be going to the "ER" to visit Bobby as soon as the shop is open. Hopefully it's a very simple fix for him to take care of for me, because I really want to finish that quilt!  (I don't enjoy free-motion quilting anywhere near as much on my cheap machine.)

Now  to rework my plan of attack for the rest of the week's sewing . . .   ;D

P.S.  I have some minor finishes from this past week:

I free-motioned this wheelchair charity quilt. I felt much more satisfied with my design flow on this one than the first one. :)

And a baby quilt from the charity bins at guild needed a binding, so I took it home. Was bundled with binding, and everything, so I assumed it was all set. Got around the last corner, and : "Oh, my!"

::sigh::  The only pinks and greens I had to work with looked dirty or too bright with what was here, so I resorted to a spot of white on white.  All's well that ends well.  :)


  1. The white binding is a nice "creative" touch. I call all my mistakes, deviant behaviors creative outlets... Both quilts are very pretty. Was impressed with the wheel chair quilt.

  2. I was quilting not too long ago and a spring dropped right out of my machine! Turns out it was the spring for the presser foot lifter and sensor...an easy fix once we figured out what it was. Hopefully yours will be fixed soon too!


  3. I hope they fix your machine. The bit of white on the binding looks fun, a bit of a twist. Your FMQ looks great!!

  4. Beautiful wheelchair quilt nlove the way you quilted it!

  5. oh dear! i hope your machine is doing much better! i had some serious problems with my machine about a month ago. i got a new one and we are in LOVE! ;)


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