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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My WIP Wednesday #10

Rolling right along through those UFOs!! Main drive is now on What a Hoot, Devon! 

Everybody has his wings and heart, just need to put on the eyes, beaks, and the one guy's graduation cap and tassel. (20 Owls altogether) Then I can trim the blocks and make an owl party amongst the 16-patches that have been waiting for months.  :D

It'll look like this (an original design that I created last year for our first daughter's graduation - it's a long twin, perfect size and brightness for fitting a dorm bed and brightening up a drab tiny room). . . 

. . . only, with these requested colors. (Well, sorta. The blues camera'd pretty darn true for once, but those "reds" are mostly raspberry pink variations.)

Then it gets a border like this:

And hopefully next week I'll be reporting that I'm working up the tutorial on making that Celtic Knot corner without chopping the lines all up. I'm finicky that way - can't stand to sacrifice what should be obviously flowing lines to speed. Sometimes you just need to put the extra effort into awesomeness.  :)


Hugs and Kisses from Above: Just waiting for the minky to get here so I can quilt it. (Better come soon - this must be completed one week from tonight!) Been toying with quilting ideas. Gotta love the acrylic sheet idea I picked up from some terrific person in Blogland. Gonna buy one today while we're over the bridge for some beach time!

Thank you to Elizabeth for sub-hosting WIP Wednesday - Check out what everyone else is up to!

This week's stats:
New Projects - 1 
        (Allowed! Had to support Kelly's Challenge Workshop at Guild, didn't I???  :D  )
Completed Projects This Week - 1 

        (Katie Loves Chris, plus a cute label for Love Those Scotties)
In Active Progress - 
        (What a Hoot, Devon!   -and-   Hugs and Kisses from Above)
UFO Firing Range - 36.667 

        (Can you believe?????  One more lurking in a tin - cancelled out the number change for Katie's)
Finishes for 2011 - 15  

Completed tops awaiting quilting:
Hugs and Kisses from Above (waiting for minky)

Sailing with the Flying Needles (is at the longarm studio!!)
Two charity wheelchair quilts
Around the World with Mr. Hernandez (Mr. Hernandez's)
Around the World with Mr. Hernandez (Heather's)
Dreamy Unicorns
Wagon Wheels West #2

Be Attitudes
We Love Kelly
Devon's Silk Spinners

Marissa's Minky Squares
Kelly's Thirties Hand Quilter
Kelly's Calico
Leap Frog Lily Pond

Poor Forgotten Orphan from 15 Years Ago #1


  1. What a great quilt! I love it especially because my son graduated last week and we have four(!) more graduation this summer!

    Congratulations to your daughter! I'm sure she'll enjoy this quilt, great graduation gift

  2. Those owls are so sweet!!! And I love that celtic knot, great job :) Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday!

  3. Those owls are adorable. I look forward to your tutorial on the celtic knot.

  4. I agree, the owls are too cute! And I love the celtic border! Can't wait to see the new colors made up!


  5. Well Hootie Hoo! That quilt is so cute! I love the celtic knot corners!

  6. Can't wait to see your tutorials on the celtic knot corners. These are so pretty!

  7. Your owls are amazing, wonderful color choices to on the quilt.

    ghan is short for afghan

  8. what amazing owls - and i love love love the border!

  9. You're a quilting dynamo!! those owls are so cute and the border corners amazing!! I love your attention to detail!

  10. those owls are so cute, and I'd love to see a tutorial for those corners :)

  11. Those owls are just adorable! And the celtic knot in the corner is a really nice touch.

  12. You are so talented! Wonderful quilts! :)

  13. Love the colors with the owls! I'd love to see the tutorial on the border corner!

  14. you weren't kidding, were you? 36.667 UFO's? i crown you queen of the project list :)

  15. Fun owl quilt! MY you have alot of quilts ready for quilting. wow

  16. So lively... this is adorable. And that border with the knot corner really sets the whole thing off! Nice work. Will check out the rest of your projects.

  17. Absolutely love the Celtic Knot Corners. They are so cool!

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  19. Congrats on your daughter and I love those celtic corners. That really sets off the quilt and makes it fabulous.

  20. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my dragon quilt!! So sweet of you. Your blog is awesome and I plan to check in often!! Good luck with your UFO's totally understand trying to get them done!!! Doing the same things myself. I have a bunch of pieces of fabrics for One Block Wonders, but have quite a few UFO's that HAVE to come first. Working on it. Good luck to you!!!

  21. preciosa la colcha y el celtic knot maravilloso se ve bello con toda la orilla, se ve que le dedicaste mucho tiempo

  22. Quilt is great!! Love the owls! The border really sets the quilt off!!

  23. Your owl quilt is gorgeous Lyn, wow you will be keeping busy over here!! xo

  24. Those owls are so super cute. What a fabulous quilt. And I love the cheerful setting squares between them -- just great. :-)

  25. So cute. Love those borders too.

  26. how nice job done with owls on the quilt ... I also like the corner!

  27. Pretty wise choice for a student!!!


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