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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Feb OMG and UFO goals met :)

I'm weary at this almost-end of the month and can use the pick-me-up of reporting these goals met, although my OMG needs a photo op to do its formal finish post. Which will happen for TGIFF, by the way! (That's being hosted here this week, so come back and link up if you have a finish to share!)

First, my OMG for February was this mini quilt for Scott. I stitched the binding down today, and it's currently mostly dried during its blocking session. This is from the "Night Watch" kit by Marie Noah at Northern Threads.

Second, my UFO #1 draw for the Patchwork Times challenge was my Fancy Forest top. I've done a ton of work on this and succesfully finished the first two phases of the custom quilting on it! Each figure has detail quilting in an appropriate color. I think I've used 12 colors altogether. 

Yes, there are tails - I like to tie & tuck, and since this is my own quilt, I'll spend my time doing that at the sofa with a good movie going. Customer quilts get this task done on the frame as I go so that they're never in contact with my cats, and progress pics for the owners are nice and neat.  :)   I don't know if I'll get the background fill finished on this before I have to take it off for a customer quilt that is in transit right now. I want to put in woodsy motifs like bark and pine needles, pinecones, etc.

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  1. Glorious quilting in your forest!!!!!

  2. Everything looks wonderful. I love the detail stitching on your animals, makes them come alive! And your wolf piece is just gorgeous!

  3. Your tablerunner is an eye-catcher! Your son is bound to be thrilled. Isn't it nice to finish a quilt that has been languishing? Fancy Forest is going to be beautiful, especially with all the creative quilting you are doing on it!

  4. wow!!
    lovely, lovely projects!

    thanks so much for linking up!


  5. Congrats on the Night Watch finish! LOVE the quilting on Fancy Forrest...like I'm drooling :)

  6. What beautiful work! And your quilting--WOW!

  7. These are significant accomplishments, Lynette! You've really been working hard this month. Your Fancy Forest is just so, so fun :)

  8. That is one lucky hubby! Inquiring minds want to know what movie you are going to watch?

  9. Double congratulations! Wonderful quilting, 12 colours? Wow. I like to hand stitch my thread ends too, even though it can take hours, I have such a thing about stitching becoming unravelled later, enough is never good enough. Wish I could let go a little.

  10. Wow! Congrats on getting these done! Love your header pictures - the kitties are too cute

  11. beautiful quilt and great quilting

  12. The quilting on your Fancy Forest top is stunning. I LOVE IT! It was so worth changaing threads so many times!

  13. Wow, your quilting is lovely on Fancy Forest and I love the other quilt too!

  14. That is one fantastic quilt! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.


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