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Monday, November 2, 2015

Desire to Inspire Project 5 - Travel Packing Bags

(If you're looking for today's BOMs Away, it's HERE.)

"Miss Kitty's Colors" met a lot of needs for me - the quilt for Emma, a gift for Jaycee, a civics project for Marissa and me, some thank you minis I'll share soon, and these bags for more Christmas gifts.

Extended family have a fun cruise coming up, so some handy packing bags to keep shoes off clothes or undies all together in the big suitcase or whatever folks want them for were just the ticket for handmade items.

These are not lined, and I basically used this Tutorial at A Spoonful of Sugar, changing the sizes to fit the person or the fabric left-overs. They were very easy to batch-sew!

The pink is left over from Kitty Titty Power, all the rest of the fabrics are from "Miss Kitty's Colors"

So easy, that I decided to make some for Dad and Barbara, who love to travel. I couldn't see Dad using a Kitty bag, though, so I did pull fun nautical prints from my stash for him.  :)


Take a look at the other projects I worked up from the "Miss Kitty's Colors" collection. If you might be interested in taking on the Henry Glass challenge, their information is included here. Don't let it intimidate you - I am just a normal private quilter, and I also had a much longer deadline than the usual 3 weeks, so I went a little crazy with my work.  :)   

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  1. I absolutely LOVE the idea of these travel bags! I would never have thought of that for shoes - never have yet! Thanks for that idea, and the so cute fabrics you used.

  2. How did I miss this post? These are perfect...I have a trip coming up! It will give customs a run for their money if they go digging through my bag!


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