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Sunday, November 29, 2015

BOMs Away - Allietare

(Yes, you're in the right place for BOMs Away)

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, if you're in the U.S. We had a good time - didn't take the pictures we should have done, but enjoyed the terrific snow all weekend. 

I couldn't go sledding with Heather and Patrick, as my flexor's not strong enough yet to climb back up the hill. But I enjoying hanging out on the knoll with them. It's just so pretty outside when it's like this!

It's that time of year when Bonnie Hunter does her annual mystery quilt-along. This season it's "Allietare!", inspired by Italy. I had almost all the fabrics in my stash already, so I'm joining in again. 

I did change my colors a little bit. I'm using the mustards/golds in the neutrals spot, and the teal-ish spread in place of the mustards/golds. I sewed sheets as a leader-ender for some 3D twist panels I'm constructing right now.

Lots of HSTs to make for Clue 1. I always use the paper method for a lot of HSTs. It's the fastest way out there to make a whole slew of them. This quilt-along is free until she takes it down in February or so. 

Winter Mystery 2015 - Allietare!Go HERE for Bonnie's "Allietare!" mystery details and to find specifics of sizes and numbers of units. Also, she has a fantastic system for working with scraps or jellyrolls that is different from my approach and makes non-paper-piecing HST work much nicer than simple cutting and sewing. I'm linking my bit of work so far up with her current Linky, here: Allietare Part 1 Link-Up

Not much sewing time yet, as we ate our feast on Friday and had to make an airport run today. But I'll finish getting these cut out early tomorrow so I'll have something to do while I sit F O R E V E R at the DMV. It'll give other waiting folks a conversation point as I pull the papers off. :)   Yeah, yeah - I know: Pretty dumb of me to leave it until the last day of the month to get the car stickers updated. It'll take no less than 2 hours, probably closer to 3.

I did not work on any "regularly scheduled" BOMs.

And I love this pic of Marissa and Navarre enjoying some cozy time nearby right now.  :)


How about you? - Did you work on BOMs this past week or so? 


  1. What type of papers are you using, I have not seen those. I am familiar with thangles. That looks like it would go pretty quick and be very accurate. Thanks, hope you are on the mend.

  2. I love the snow!!! I always love snow! So pleased you enjoyed your Thanksgiving....I didn't do much sewing, as predicted, but I have shared more photo's of the cherries and some of what I didn't do.....

  3. I really like what you're doing with the colours for the mystery quilt, it's nice to look a little different.

  4. I really like what you're doing with the colours for the mystery quilt, it's nice to look a little different.

  5. Hopefully you'll be fully recovered soon. Where did you find the print out for doing the HST's in that manner? If you could provide a link if it's available, I'd really appreciate it.
    Always running behind, Jane

  6. NOpe no BOM here, well, sort of, I guess, my cows for my aunt's quilt, of which I did 3 more, paper-pieced. Love looking at the snow pics, glad we don't have any here! I've got Cheryl's mystery going on (and I have to do November's step yet) so I won't be doing Bonnie's. As for the DMV, lol, did mine on Friday, online! Love that. Painless.

  7. Your snow looks so beautiful, but mostly because it's there and not here. Sorry. I know it's coming soon to the town near us! I'm glad you're able to be out and about, and hopefully mended enough to get a few runs in this winter. It looks like it's cozy inside, though, even for those who don't'want to brave the elements. And thank you for your dedication to your weekly link up. It's a fun spot to check in, and see what everyone's doing.

  8. Love your fabric selection for Allietare! I'm still working on the first clue. Can't wait for Friday! :)

  9. Alliettare is sooo tempting! I would love to quilt along, hmm... we'll see.

    The wait here in NV is terrible long as well, drivers licensing shares the line with auto licensing.

  10. Love your color choices for Bonnie's new mystery, I look forward to seeing those colors evolve.

  11. Love your fabrics/colors and your method of making the hst's!

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