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Sunday, November 1, 2015

BOMs Away - "Strolling the Block" is quilted!!

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Wow! What a great sewing day for this week's Block of the Month work. It's a Kelly Week, so I pulled "Strolling the Block" back out. I've been looking forward to quilting that outer border, because its dark and busy print offers a fantastic backdrop to start practicing free-hand feathers in a wider setting than I've done yet.

I used Halloween party plates to mark the spine curve with a chalk pencil.

Then I drew in some curlicues.

As I started quilting, it quickly became painfully obvious that I needed Free-Hand Feathering Kindergarten. So I had to draw some feathers in, too. And clearly, that was not easy for me!! heh!

Fortunately, free-motioning things is easier for me than drawing things, once I get them into my head and hands. After 1/2 of the first side's first pass, I was ready to just draw in some guidelines, and not too long after that, I was ready to go completely free-hand. 

Which is not to say I graduated out of Feather Elementary School yet.  ;D  I need probably three more good learning projects like this to feel comfortable doing them where they'll actually show up, let alone with contrasting thread. And the kids' wedding quilt - it can be assumed that I'll be making stencils and tracing those out first, for sure!

But I got these feathers all put in down both sides of the spines much quicker than I'd thought would happen. And that gave me time to also get the binding made and attached - very exciting point to get to, since this has been in the works for over a year!

And now it's waiting in the curve of the sofa for some TV time with Scott, when I'll wrap it around with my binder clips. They live in that pretty little zip-bag that Stephanie at Simple Sewendipity made.

Navarre *loves* the musical clinking they make when he plays with the bag. He's always so polite and careful with it, too.

I love the fact that I caught him perfectly in a yawn.  :)

It's a strange concept to realize that next month I'll need to slip another project into the 1st-Sunday slot!

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How did things go at your end? - Did you do any work on BOMs this last week or so? 


  1. Finally, I have managed to do some stitching which I can link up with BOM's Away!! I was a little late getting my linky up but finally managed that too. I love your quilting....I, personally, would regard you as the 'Feather Queen'. I know I should of thought of using a plate to create a curvy vine so I don't know why I haven't....thanks for sharing your technique.

  2. It's stunning! And so cleverly quilted! XO

  3. Wow, that turned out wonderful. I think we all stress about feathers, but you can give yourself a pat on the back, they look pretty good. That was the perfect border to practice on. My favorite part is what you did in the sashing.

  4. Thanks for sharing the process in getting the border designs on your quilt. Fabulous! :)

  5. Your quilt is so cute. Great idea using the paper plates. Lately whenever I use up a jar or a can of something, I'm eyeing the lid and wondering if it would make a good quilting template.

  6. I love this quilt! It is so pretty! Just a fantastic job!

  7. great quilt and well done on the feathers. I have a question. What do you use to get the chalk pencil off after you've quilted. I never seem to be able to get it all off so my marks show up

  8. That is a beautiful quilt. I like your feathers very much. It's amazing how quickly the brain adjusts to something new!

  9. What a wonderful quilt. It kitty yawning or screaming....giggle.

  10. Love that idea for marking the borders! Keeping that one in mind for future use!

  11. I remember seeing this quilt in bits and pieces before but it is so pretty put all together. Congratulations on your success with the feathers!!

  12. I love your feathering and your quilt is fantastic!


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