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Monday, December 13, 2021

BOMs Away - Neptune's Gift, Stitch-Off, Dots, and a Buck


Welcome to the Link-up for BOMs Away Mondays!

Where we share what we're doing on a BOM type project
so they don't stall out in UFO-land!
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Hello  :)

This week I picked up and finished the work for Month 7 on my Neptune's Gift block of the month:

These pieces are getting quite big! Now to catch up months 8 and 9, because 10 just arrived! That would be super if I can catch this up by the time 11 gets here.

While I was doing that, I prepped the next round of my Stitch-Off project, as I'd worked through the stack a while ago. These pieces are almost finished up! Just one more set of units, then this project will be ready for assembly.

(This is my Judy Niemeyer Feathered Goose quilt, from which I keep a stack of prepped units alongside my work area so I can grab one and put it through the machine after I've finished a round of work on my focus project. This lets me snip an entire set of chain piecing off the sewing machine, leaving the Stitch-Off piece on the thread. When I return with the next stage of chain piecing, I don't have to fiddle with holding the thread ends to start off fresh stitching - and over time it does save a significant amount of thread, for a bonus benefit.) 

I got the next batch of dots basted into turned-edge circles, and then glue-basted onto their background squares. This set brings me into October. Here are 4.5 weeks worth of temps, stacked by dot color:

Birds continue to get their finish-work attention during TV time. I have about 1/3 of them squared away now. No pic, though. 

But I do have a pic of this beautiful buck spending lunch time resting in our back yard a couple days ago. Isn't he gorgeous? He was here again last night with four sweet does. Guess they think he's gorgeous, too!  


Have you worked on any BOM type projects recently? We'd love to see your progress!

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  1. Your Neptune block is looking fabulous and is so intricate. Beautiful job. Your dot blocks are awesome. What a treat to such a good buck in your yard. Thank you for hosting the link party and have a very Merry Christmas.

  2. No BOMs at my house, but it's great to see how you're progressing on yours... and actually, ALL of your projects! A different WIP for wherever you happen to be, right? Like, at the sewing machine, and in your favorite sewing chair? I'm sure you're quilting too. Nature right outside your window has to be wonderful to see. You live in a beautiful place!


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