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Tuesday, March 2, 2021


My One Monthly Goal is to finish hand stitching the silk loop-things onto my bathroom window dressing  #1 and get it installed.

I chose this instead of one of my many quilt UFOs, because it's been languishing by the TV for months and months, always getting subordinated to either a UFO's finished handwork or to hand applique stitching. It seems that making it an OMG is the only way it will move on through!

And here is "The Rest of the Story" for March --

Mon-Fri Priority Time: 

Longarm: APQ UFO #2 Modernology > UFO #11 It's a Silky Wool Flannel Kind of Day

Domestic: Bindings onto Moose Lake and Morning Stroll > UFO #11, Spanish Tiles > Down the Rabbit Hole   [Plus slip in 10 min per day on the secret birds.] [Leader-Ender is still Feathered Goose units 4]

Evening hand stitching: 

Finish the first bathroom curtain > And to All a Good Night

Saturday Free-Play: 

Whatever UFO catches my eye (usually ends up being that weekend's BOM)

Weekend BOM times: 

[Temperature dots] and rotate Harmony, Sage and Sea Glass, Neptune's Gift if it arrives

I sometimes get comments from people who see this guideline list as a Must Do list, even a promised-to-finish list. That is not at all how I operate. This is:

My list is not as much tasking as it looks to be, and is not the least bit stressful. It is 100% motivating. 

With an empty nest house, I have several hours every day that I can devote to quilting things.  I do completely different work on the weekends from what I do Mon-Fri. I am *not* one of those people who can work on only one project all the time every day for weeks on end until it is finished. That is the fastest way to kill my mojo altogether, and then nothing happens.

Also note that other than my OMG, my list acts not as a whipping post demanding multiple finishes, but more like a bowling lane's bumper rails that keep me focused while I work along. I'm happy with whatever point each of those projects gets to by month's end. This part of my planning is about the journey, not the finishes (although the finishes crop up regularly). 

*If you were looking for the BOMs Away link-up, it is on the last post: BOMs Away Monday 

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  1. Great goal, I hope it will be the little bit of help needed ;) Good idea to set a guideline list for the month, and nice to have several hours per day for quilting!

  2. I roll about the same way with my list - which is lot different than when I had to keep a family organized

  3. Your bathroom curtains sound like they're going to be lovely! You know, I have some projects like that languishing in the guest room behind a closed door, totally forgotten about. I never thought of putting a non-quilting item on my goal list, but that would be a good way to get it done. :-). I'm looking forward to seeing your new curtains installed in your bathroom!

  4. Good luck with completing your OMG. It will be a wonderful addition to your bathroom.

  5. Your what-to-work-on philosophy is quite refreshing! I appreciate that you're pushing yourself to finish something that's been languishing, like the bathroom window dressing, but giving yourself "permission" to work on other things that are of interest to you. The older I get - and the more time I've spent in self-isolation - the more I realize and appreciate that it's okay to simply work on whatever one feels like working on. No one's keeping track. And really, no one cares but you. That's the best way to operate. Enjoy the process as you wish!


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