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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

OMG, UFO for May

OK, so April slammed me, between struggling to find a productive, yet non-Lupus activating, balance between the tougher workouts of Black Belt level at Taekwondo, doing customer quilts, doing my own quilting, moving the house around to find setups I like better, and finishing learning licensing, bookkeeping, and taxes handling for a new business.

I did not get to work one tiny bit on the April UFO. That was supposed to be Devon's quilt. I'm not putting it back away in the closet, though. Hopefully I can do at least a tiny bit on it some time this month.

The UFO for May is #12, which is my "Set Sail" that I love so much. I will figure out the quilting tomorrow and get to work on any marking or stencil-making that needs to happen. My domestic machine has been in shop for servicing, so hopefully that'll be finished tomorrow or Friday so I can whip a back together. . . Or was that backing a wide fabric. . . . oooo!  Wouldn't that be nice?! Have to pull it out to see. This is a nice, big, probably king size top!

My OMG for April was to quilt up #392 for The 70,273 Project, which did happen. I just didn't get a post done up to link that. It is also my OMG for May - I need to bind it and get a label and hanging sleeve stitched on, then it will be sent back and added to the collection!

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  1. What a beautiful job you did on the quilting on that red and white quilt. Can't wait to see your May project finished.

  2. You did have a busy April, no wonder you didn't get to work on your April UFO. Congrats on hitting your April OMG though, your quilting is beautiful. Good luck on your UFP and OMG for May.

  3. I love your blue quilt! And the quilt for the 70273 Project is beautifully quilted. I made some red crosses blocks too, it's just an amazing project, so many quilts all over the world for a good cause and to remember.

  4. That is such a dynamic photo of Set Sail. Beautiful quilt top. The quilting on #392 is gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing the Set Sail quilted.


  5. You just wore me out!! You sound really energetic like my daughter. Love both your quilts.

  6. So pretty. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project!

  7. Sewing machine needs fixed? Dang! That can really slow a quilter down. At least you had other non quilty things to do as well as a long arm to do machine quilting on.

    I'm sorry you didn't make your goals. I didn't either for April which is a first for this year. Some of my goals just took way more time than I predicted. NO worries though. I still got a ton done.

    I hope you get your machine back soon and life settles. I am sorry to have missed BOM's away this week.

  8. Your quilting on the red and white quilt is just beautiful... looking forward to seeing set sail all done - I just love the colors in it! xx

  9. That photo of "Set Sail" it cool. Lovely quilt!


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