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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

UFO organization for 17 in 2017

This is just a listing of 17 UFOs I intend to significantly advance this year. Thought I'd harness the motivation power of Meridithe's "17 in 2017" linky party.

I like her approach - the essence of this push is not having to completely finish 17 quilts this year (a crazy goal if you focus on large, complex quilts), but it's the goal of moving things forward at least one significant step.

You can see that I keep notes of the next stage for myself on each item. A partially-struck name means the project has reached the full flimsy point and is at the quilting part of the process.

I hope to reach at least 12 complete finishes this year.

1. Scott's Retirement Quilt (finish quilting)  Get completely finished

2.  Leaded Glass (quilting)  Quilt the colored part

3. Lori and Aliya (work up quilting stencils  Get completely finished

4. Devon's Quilt (finish quilting)  Get completely finished

5. Plums in November (finish quilting)  Get completely finished

6. Sew Spooky (finish quilting)  Get completely finished

7. Frog Lily for Marissa (in blocks)  Get the top assembled
<no pic>

8. Once Upon a Star(thread work)  Do initial stitching and trapunto work

9. Stepping Stones (paper piece)  Make all the blocks
<no pic>

10. Listen With Your Eyes (finish paper piecing)  Make all the units

11. Set Sail (center done)  Make the flying geese and put on the borders

12.  Tootsie and Rumples (finish quilting)  This is all finished  :D

(Just the left side)

13.  You Must Be Croaking! (finish making blocks)   Finish to Flimsy status

14.  Garden Friends (finish making blocks)    Finish to Flimsy status

15.  Star Crazy (finish making blocks)   Finish all blocks and assemble center

16.  Fall Is All Around (Patchwork Party 2011) (Make the top)   Finish to Flimsy status

17. Mermaid Fantasy for Heather (apply trapunto)   Get completely finished


  1. I am assuming the ones you have crossed through are the ones you have completed? If so, you are on a roll! Git'R'Done!

  2. Love the variety of designs AND colors that you have waiting on deck . . . happy stitching!

  3. These are great! Gettin' 'em finished! I especially love your stained glass quilt. I'll look for more details...

  4. These quilts you posted are all so wonderful. I couldn't help but look at them over and over again! You are not into simple, are you?

    I love that you finished Americana. I also love that you put the star border all the way around in contrast to my half/half sars and stripes. It is so striking! In my opinion, a pieced border can make all the difference on a quilt.

    Leaded glass is so gorgeous that I may just have to make one this year. It is now on my wish list!

    I love your "Plums". Those braided quilts are just so stunning no matter what fabric selections I have seen online. They are also fun and easy to make.

    I have had my eye on the "spooky" quilt pattern for years. It just talks to me wanting me to make it. I am sure I will some day.

    Listen with your eyes looks amazing! I can't wait to see it come together. It is a mystery to me for now.

    I am also loving your Beach Walk and Garden Friends quilts. The beach is not really me because I don't live by the ocean and have only visited it a few times, but those Garden friends are begging me to make them! I have seen a couple of these running around the internet and have fallen in love.

    If we lived close together, we would have to be sewing friends because we like the same things!

  5. Great list, Lyn!! Looking forward to seeing progress on these!


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