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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

3rd of 17 for 2017 - "You Must Be Croaking" is a Flimsy :)

This is my third UFO cross-off from my 17 in 2017 list. 

These frog blocks from 2013 needed their faces appliqued on (took forever),

. . . and then they needed to be assembled and given borders. Again, this took forever, mainly because I'd originally wanted to change the pattern so that they were sitting in rows, add 3 flies here and there and coordinate which ways their eyes were looking.  But by the time I'd put half the borders on, I just was not happy with it. The way their lines were hacking across the quilt, it just wasn't good, was it? 

So I picked out the blocks row by row without pulling off the borders so I could spin some of them around. Usually I'll settle for a design that may not have turned out the way I wanted, but this time it just bugged me too much for too long.  

The most accurate color depiction

Now that this is crossed off my list, I've pulled "Stepping Stones" into the slot for my breather project. That's an old Judy Niemeyer pattern I went to a class for back in something like 2010. For advancement off the 17 list, I have to make all the rest of the blocks. Paper piecing. Lots of them.

Now back to my priority project, which is about to get to the fun part of actually starting the quilting.  :)


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  1. SO glad you took it apart and made it wonderful!!!

  2. I'm so glad you changed it, it's so cute and so much more fun with the frogs turned talking to each other :)

  3. A much better arrangement. It is so worth the effort to end up with this croaker of a cute quilt!

  4. Oh my gosh...that is just too cute.

  5. Oh love it. It was a UFO definitely worth resurrecting, you made a great job.

  6. Wow, I bet you are happy you took the time to pull it apart, as it has turned out wonderful! And such fun... do you have a purpose for it?

  7. It's great to see you persevering on your UFOs. Wow. Very impressive! I know what you mean about a quilt top not feeling just right, and needing to make it the way that makes you feel best. This is a neat quilt and will make some kid really happy. Good work!

  8. You were absolutely right about changing the frogs. It makes a world of difference by moving those guys around. Great finish. Someone is going to love this cute quilt.

  9. Love your frog quilt. My Mom was a frog collector...:)

  10. I absolutely love your frogs! It reminds me that I have an unfinished frog round robin quilt to finish up some day.

    I love the arranagement of your frogs and the way you have one different one who seems to be peeking around the corner.


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