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Sunday, January 31, 2016

BOMs Away - a mess of a day

Welcome to the Link-Up for BOMs Away Mondays!
We'd love to see the BOM you're working on lately.
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Nope. I didn't get my Allietare finished. When I was working on the diamond borders, I found that I'd sewn all 220 triangles on THE WRONG WAY AROUND. (See how they're sideways instead of having the blue on the edge of the border when they're lined up?)

So Friday's sewing time was spent undoing all of those (four hours), and then Saturday I got most of them re-sewn and got one side mostly sewn together so I could make sure I was going to have enough units. 

Today I finished fixing all the triangle additions and made the few extra units that will be needed. That's all I accomplished, though. I had to undo and redo and undo and redo things right and left. Not sure what my problem was, but it was physical as much as mental. I finally just gave up and went back upstairs to read in bed for a couple of hours. On the way, though, the cats asked for their lunch, and I couldn't even do that right!!!  heh!  You should have seen the freakzoid look they gave me when I spilled everything all over the place. I just wanted to cry, so I told them to get over it and enjoy their buffet service. Yes, I really did just leave it all there for them to clean up for me!  Hope your day went more smoothly.  :D

Oh!!  But speaking of cats - we got a new family member! Well, sorta. Heather needed an apartment companion, so when she was down here the other day, I went to the rescue site to check out the current cats while she was at her preceptor's office. This fella here was THE SWEETEST CUDDLE PAL right off the bat with a most excellent purr motor! No behavioral problems - he was dumped on the street by people who were moving where they couldn't have a pet.

That snuggly personality is worth oodles of gold, and yet he was practically free because of his adulthood. 

So I scooped Lupin up and adopted him pronto after Heather saw the pics that I texted and said she'd trust my personality judgement.

And it was love at first sight on both sides when Heather got back to my place. She was thrilled at her new-found friend and happily took him back up to her place, where he has settled in very contentedly, despite the new, super-confusing experience of having claw shields glued on. I was right - he's a total teddy-bear of a cat, sleeping snuggled up under the covers with a human that he's happy to love whole-heartedly.

Have you worked on any BOMs or similar projects lately? 


  1. Lupin is wonderful! Boy cats seem especially cuddly and I've known a few big stripey cats that were sweethearts. What a day with the blocks though. I'm not sure I could have ripped them out, those things send me on to new projects! Kudos to seeing it through

  2. Did you have a good cry before, after or during the 4 hour rip-out session. I think I would have walked away. I'm so happy for Lupin, thank goodness you found each other. He deserves a loving home after what he's been through.

  3. I'm impressed you were able to stick through the 4 hour rip session. That's a lot in one go. Congrats but it will be worth it when the quilt is all done and your snuggling under it. :)

  4. Ha! Feeding the cats is the elder child's responsibility, so they almost always have buffet service. I'm glad you found a big fat cuddle bum! I'm still trying to convince the girls to cuddle with me. And ouch on the ripping. I would have left them or thrown them out entirely.


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