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Sunday, January 24, 2016

BOMs Away - Allietare Almost There

Welcome to the Link-Up for BOMs Away Mondays!
We'd love to see the BOM you're working on lately.
This week's link-up is at the bottom of the post.

So, I got all my Allietare center assembled, and I'm really happy with it. I wasn't sure about the color change-up at first when I laid the blocks all out, but Marissa liked it, and lots of folks on Facebook really liked it, too. After some overnight marinating, it really grew on me. I agree that it has a Spanish look now, but I'm still calling it Allietare.  :)

I didn't get a photo of the assembled and trimmed center before it got dark, but you get the idea here.

Bonnie's design calls for a stop border in the teal of my color way, followed by a solid border in black. I do have enough black left, but it really overpowers this colorway. The only color that has enough remaining for a border is the gold set. It looks a little sad, though, with just that, so I played around with my EQ program to come up with a way to use some of the little bonus HSTs from all those decapitated geese patches.

 So now I'll be making some 110 of these bitty units for a border treatment in the gold:

Yep. Those are tiny HSTs in the end! They are 1/2" finished. I think I've lost my mind. But I have all 330 that I need meticulously trimmed, and maybe half of the rest of the pieces cut out. 

So, there's more work to be done on this mystery quilt before I get back to my normally-scheduled BOMs, but I'm happy with my border design, and looking forward to finishing it this week!

Have you worked on any BOMs or similar projects lately? 
We'd love to see your progress or plans.


  1. Love your colors. I look forward to seeing your top with the border. I hope to lay out my Allietare blocks tomorrow. I may be too tired to do it if the snow plow comes through. Once it comes I have to finish excavating my car from the 2+ feet of snow we got here in Maryland.

    Barbara at Stash Overflow

  2. I absolutely love your mystery quilt and it is coming along nicely! I was not happy with the one last year so I wasn't ready to try another, but I am loving this one from the pictures I have seen.

  3. Your border solution will be a fun addition. I switched mine around too and am really pleased with it.

  4. The quilt is beautiful and the border will be gorgeous but I do think you've lost your mind :)

  5. Your Allietare is just gorgeous! I love the colors.

  6. So pretty! love it! :)

  7. Love the teal with the gold. I think it's beautiful!

  8. Wow, I am so impressed at your energy to make all those cute border blocks with your tinies! And the color changeup is stunning. Great progress!

  9. I love your colors too and the border solution looks great...it is a shame to waste left over pieces when you can add them to the project. Can't wait to see the piecing all finished...no pressure!

  10. What an impressive and ambitious quilt! Fun colors!

  11. You are a brave woman to tackle that border! I love your color choices in this quilt! Fabulous!!


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