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Sunday, September 13, 2015

BOMs Away - Seeing Stars

Welcome to the Link-Up for BOMs Away Mondays!
We'd love to see the BOM you're working on lately.
This week's link-up is at the bottom of the post.

Well, I had a fantastic BOM-sewing day since a pretty bad flare-up of my Achilles upstaged any ideas of going out and about hiking.

Got both the Month 5 and the Month 6 blocks sewn for "Star Crazy" - 6 blocks and another 48 HSTs for the border work.

As I was pressing the very last seam on the very last block, I saw that I had sewn in one of the little white blocks wrong-side-out. I allllmost just left it, thinking nobody'd ever see it, really. But I would always know it was there, and for some reason it was important to me to fix it. Four years ago I threw the ideal of perfection out the window to escape its crippling effect and actually achieve finishes. But I made myself the deal that I would always do my reasonable best. Since this quilt is not on a deadline, it felt wrong to me to knowingly leave a piece sewn in wrong just to avoid pulling out a few short seams. If it was already basted and ready to go for quilting, I'd call it reasonable, but it's still only in block-building mode. Didn't even take 10 minutes to fix it - glad I didn't squelch out on myself.  :)

And for some leader-ender action, I started this month's community service sewing, which is to assemble this block set into a flimsy. I got maybe half of the sashing work finished. (Wonder how long this is going to live on that part of the floor. . . )

AND - check it out! The "Be Attitudes" BOM top of Kelly's that I finished this past week and wrote up for Friday's TGIFF? - - - Blocking it made that border lay down perfectly flat! At least for a little while. It'll always have to be blocked when it's washed, and no telling how long it'll stay nice with use, but at least it's all spiffy for the gifting, and that makes me very happy. In the future, I'll always just remove the offending borders, trim them down to correct length, and sew them back on, because waves like that really bother me. Plus, the feather quilting would look so much prettier if it wasn't sucking in so much extra top fabric.  :)  

Cath is starting a new Design Board link-up, so I'll join her, as well.  :)  


How about you? - Have you worked on any BOMs lately?


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  2. More than happy to show the link to your party (always do)!!I love the stars project, the colours are lovely and work so well together. Today is the introductory day for my own Linky Party...I would be thrilled if you came to have a look and maybe you would like to link your stars. http://cathquilts.blogspot.com.au/2015/09/trial-design-board-monday.html

  3. Hi Lynette,thankyou for visiting my blog,i love all the blocks you have been sewing and the bottom quilt is gorgeous,hope you have a lovely evening xx

  4. Thanks for coming to visit my blog Lynette. I've enjoyed my return visit but sadly, haven't worked on a BOM for years. Impressed with what you have achieved this week.

  5. what lovely projects!
    such gorgeous four legged quilt scanners in your header pics.


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